For Less Pain & More Life, Try Q Magnets!

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Q Magnets are the world’s most powerful and advanced therapeutic magnets.  As world leaders in magnetic therapy research and development and having worked with pioneering scientists since 1999, we’re thrilled to present our knowledge and magnet therapy products for helping you find natural pain relief. Our therapeutic magnets are research proven to relieve most pain in 4 minutes.
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    For Less Pain & More Life,
    Try Q Magnets!

    Q Magnets are the world’s most powerful and advanced therapeutic magnets.  As world leaders in magnetic therapy research and development and having worked with pioneering scientists since 1999, we’re thrilled to present our knowledge and magnet therapy products for helping you find natural pain relief. Our therapeutic magnets are research proven to relieve most pain in 4 minutes.
    Join us, for regular updates to learn more about utilizing magnetic therapy effectively, as well as latest news, research articles and offers from Q Magnets. PLUS you’ll get a copy of our new guide… ‘7 Questions About Quadrapolar Pain Relief Magnets Answered’

    A breakthrough in magnetic field therapy and natural pain relief

    Q Magnets
    are a listed medical device in Australia and are designed to help provide comfort or temporary relief of minor aches and pains (e.g., from muscle soreness/stiffness, arthritis). Q Magnets do magnet therapy better. See our article on magnetic therapy to learn the science. Get our whitepaper on natural pain relief to know why you need to treat pain naturally and the incredible benefits of our unique magnetic therapy technology.

    Common bipolar magnets simply do not produce the type of field characteristics that have a scientifically valid mechanism for their therapeutic effect. With our unique patented multipolar medical magnets it becomes possible to spread a therapeutic field over a large enough area and/or penetrate to the required depth.

    Magnetic Therapy Kit - Q Magnets - Active Athlete

    At the heart of a Q Magnet is a single-body quadrapolar, hexapolar or octapolar static magnet with alternating poles. Read our research studies and trials to see just how effective Q magnets can be for rapid pain relief. 

    You would be surprised that the magnetic therapy jewellery, braces, insoles, mats, clothing, etc., that is popularly available on Amazon or sold by many magnet therapy shops are simply not the most effective solution, besides they are never multipolar!

    Q Magnets are developed by experienced physiotherapists and acupuncturists and are easier to use, simply tape them in correct position as per our guide and find instant pain relief while you sleep, relax, work or travel.

    Cherished by Champions

    Q Magnets are used and recommended by some of Australia’s best minds who advise on rehabilitation techniques and injury recovery. These champions came to use them based on the recommendation and advice from sports therapists they respect. 

    Q Magnets are the real deal and used by hundreds of professional athletes and their therapists. Thousands of people use Q Magnets magnetic devices today, read Q Magnets reviews to see how our magnetic field technology has helped several users get back to their feet or game. 

    If you’re an athlete, coach or sports physio, read our page on Sports Injury Recovery with Magnetic Therapy to learn  about the experience of champions using Q Magnets. 

    jordan feramisco sports physiotherapist q magnets review

    Jordan Feramisco, celebrity performance coach finds Q Magnets to be a “Game Changer”

    As a sports performance coach, Jordan has trained over 100 NBA and NFL players, including Pro Bowlers and first round draft picks! He currently trains Olympians, MMA Fighters, and Professional Boxers. He is also currently training Guns N’ Roses, ACDC, and Wilmer Valderrama, Armie hammer and Zane Holtz!


    Injury recovery for MMA Bellator champ helped along with Q Magnets

    A big shout out to Darrion “The Wolf” Caldwell on his victory that earned him the Bellator Bantamweight Strap. Darrion uses Q Magnets to keep his body healthy and on point. He’s a world class athlete and is just starting his reign as the Champ. Power to you DC! MMA...

    American Football NFL Players Recover Faster With Q Magnets

    Q Magnets Review from Walker Scott (MSc (Physio) MSc (S&C) MCSP); sports therapist to some of the Baltimore Ravens players.

    paul bradley mma fighter sports medicine q magnets review ufc boxing

    Mixed Martial Arts Fighter using Q Magnets to Recover from Sports Injuries

    Paul “The Gentleman” Bradley is an All-American Wrestler and MMA fighter. Full-contact combat sports bring significant stresses on the body. See video and learn how Q Magnets have been a useful tool in helping recover from sports injuries.

    Rugby Player Sports Injury physiotherapy review C Isles

    USA Rugby Sevens speedster Carlin Isles gives his verdict: “Q Magnets! Are a great tool man”…

    Carlin Islesis a speed sensation and Olympian for the USA Rugby team in Rio. Here is what Carlin had to say, “Q Magnets, are a great tool man!”


    Tweet from former Brisbane Lions ruck champion Jamie Charman

    It was nice to get a tweet from Jamie Charman the other day. I recall it was a few years ago when Dianne first met Jamie and he had been through a few different king sized beds trying to get a restful sleep while contending with back pain. Dianne showed Jamie where to...

    Australian Wallabies and Brisbane Lions team member shares his experience with Q Magnets…

    While there is mixed evidence supporting the use of magnetic therapy, research on devices such as Q Magnets do show promise which is encouraging. Anecdotally we have been happy with the results achieved with players. I would highly recommend Q Magnets to any athlete...
    australia sports teams champions use q magnets for sports injuries

    Why are some of Australia’s top sporting champions using magnetic therapy?

    The short answer is; there is now a type of static magnetic medical device that actually works. It makes sense why magnetic therapy has little or no credibility in the court of public opinion or among health professionals when you understand the history. Studies have...
    Shane Watson - Q Magnets therapy review sports physio

    Australian cricketer Shane Watson using Q Magnets to get back bowling and batting sooner.

    Today we caught up with champion Australian all-rounder Shane Watson. Shane had previously found Q Magnets extremely helpful for low back pain during long haul flights. This is a common application for Q Magnets for the travelling sports professional as in the case of...
    Augusto Farfus purchased some smaller magnets while in Japan and found them quite useful.

    Q Magnets therapy helping to keep race car drivers out of pain and on the track

    Many professional race car drivers use Q Magnets as an adjunct therapy for both minor aches and pains and to help in recovery so they can get back to training sooner. Back and neck pain, bruising, tendinitis and overuse injuries such as shin splints are common among race car drivers.

    adam wallace harrison sports physiotherapy review

    Adam Wallace-Harrison on pain management

    Queensland Reds player, Adam Wallace-Harrison no longer needs to take anti-inflammatories or muscle relaxants on long flights since using Q Magnets for lower back pain.

    Nick Kenny Q Magnets Review - Sports Physiotherapy and NRL Rugby Player

    Professional rugby player Nick Kenny shares his experiences with Q Magnets

    Over the years we have received many endorsements from famous athletes and health professionals around the world. This well considered feedback from Nick Kenny would have to be one of the most significant for three reasons. Nick… Is a professional when it comes to...

    Q Magnets helping Craig Wing stay in the game.

    Over the past 2 years I have suffered with an ongoing Achilles tendon complaint and last time it took 5 months of intense treatment and rest to fully recover. After recently commencing training in Japan for the NTT Shining Arcs Rugby Team the Achilles condition...
    David Hill - Q Magnets Review

    Q Magnets proving to be a part of the rugby playing essentials.

    Rugby star and former All Black David Hill wouldn’t go without having his Q Magnets as his sport takes him around the globe.

    Queensland Reds finding Q Magnet therapy incredibly useful.

    “We have been using Q Magnets at the Queensland Reds for just over a year and have found them incredibly useful for the players. We particularly use them for the inevitable minor aches and pain that afflict every athlete playing a high contact sport. I would highly...
    magnet therapy review by steve sommerfeld for q magnets

    Steve Sommerfeld 12 months Q Magnets case history

    Listen to professional motocross rider Steve Sommerfeld take you through a range of injuries he suffered over a 12 month period and how he used Q Magnets to get him back on the bike sooner.

    Q Magnets helping professional teams perform at their highest level

    When we first introduced the Q Magnets to the Western Force team there were many of the boys laughing at the concept and calling it placebo. At this infant stage of trialling the Q Magnets a number of players have found benefits in helping to resolve muscle haematomas...
    Silvano Meli - Speed Skier - Magnetic Therapy review - Q Magnets used

    Silvano Meli; former Swiss ski world record holder

    Silvano Meli, champion skier, shares his experience healing with magnetic therapy using Q Magnets to get back into sport after a serious injury.

    simon black - magnetic therapy review

    Interview with Simon Black of the Brisbane Lions

    Simon Black of the Brisbane Lions midfield is the most decorated player currently playing professional Australian Rules Football. A triple premiership player, Brownlow Medallist, Norm Smith Medallist and three time All Australian. A prodigious ball winner,...
    daniel merret - rugby - sports injury magnetic therapy review

    Gets me back on the field sooner after injury

    “I find them terrific for recovery and to hit the sore spots. They allow me to spend longer on the training track.” Daniel Merrett. Champion Fullback, Brisbane Lions.

    The Finest Neuromagnetics

    Q Magnets magnetic field therapy products include our unique and patented Q Blankets magnetic mattress pads and therapeutic magnets of various sizes and configurations. Order a Q bonus package to get a discounted set of our magnetic therapy devices. You can build your own magnet therapy kit or expand your collection on our products page.  You may also browse our magnet recommendations based on pain areas. Our shop also provides all necessary accessories such as adhesive plasters, information guides, cases, trigger point locators, TENS machines and more!

    Magnetic Field Therapy

    Magnetic field therapy applied using Q Magnets is based on decades of multipolar therapeutic magnet research. The following pages provide a starting point in learning about magnetic therapy, for personal or professional use. Feel free to connect with us if you have questions or would like to talk to a product expert.

    Introduction to Magnetic Field Therapy

    Learn about all aspects of magnetic therapy based on latest research and developments. Review characteristics of various therapeutic magnets and their effects.

    Scientific Evidence of Magnetic Field Therapy

    Does magnetic field therapy work? Read our research review to see the scientific evidence in form of clinical trials, case studies and basic cell science studies on  the effects and benefits of magnetic field therapy. 

    Integrate Q Magnets in Physiotherapy

    Support your patients with a take-home therapy that will assist them between treatment sessions and to self-manage their condition with very little risk or expense. Learn how to integrate magnetic field therapy protocols in a professional practice or clinic based on your expertize.

    How to Use Q Magnets

    Learn how to choose and apply Q magnets for a variety of pain conditions. Find treatment protocols developed by physiotherapists, neurologists, acupuncturists and biomagnetic therapy experts for Q magnets users.

    Latest Posts & Articles


    Combining TENS and Q Magnets

    Combining TENS and Q Magnets

    TENS machines are thought to work by activating the fast-conducting myelinated nerves, such as A-Beta fibres and closing the Pain-Gate. Whereas Q magnets mainly inhibit the slow-conducting...

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    Why magnet design matters? Learning from Cow Magnets

    Why magnet design matters? Learning from Cow Magnets

    Magnetic materials are attracted to field gradients and NOT to a uniform or what physicists call a homogeneous field. This is well illustrated with the cow magnet. Cow magnets are used by cattle farmers to safely collect any metal objects such as nails or barbed wire their animal might ingest. Because the cow magnet produces a field gradient along the length of its shaft, metal objects will neatly stick to its sides. This is how it works…

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    Q Magnets for Menstrual Pain

    Q Magnets for Menstrual Pain

    Two studies from 2020 and 2021 show that unlike the current pharmacological or other invasives methods, static magnetic field therapy can induce the body’s natural mechanism of reducing menstrual pain.

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    New Article in the Medical Acupuncture Journal on Static Multipolar Magnets

    New Article in the Medical Acupuncture Journal on Static Multipolar Magnets

    A new article​​ published in the Medical Acupuncture Journal shows the potential of multipolar magnets for pain relief. The authors studied a recent series of cases submitted from the practices of 4 different medical acupuncturists and concluded that if static magnetic field therapy is properly employed, it can be an effective and safe modality for treating pain.

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    Q Magnets in the Media

    First Croatian Congress of Acupuncture on Medical Magnets

    First Croatian Congress of Acupuncture on Medical Magnets

    Opatija, Croatia - 20th April 2024 – James Hermans, Managing Director of Neuromagnetics Australia Pty Ltd, the manufacturer of Q magnets, delivered an insightful 30-minute presentation at the First Croatian Congress of Acupuncture. The event, held in Opatija, Croatia,...

    Q Magnets Presentation at ICMART 2023

    Q Magnets Presentation at ICMART 2023

    On Saturday, 30th September, James Hermans (co-founder and co-inventor of Q magnets) gave a presentation at the International Medical Acupuncture Conference in Amsterdam (ICMART 2023). The main theme of the talk was…“Static medical magnets are a promising...