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This website is packed with research information, testimonies from sporting champions and people just like you, case studies, technical descriptions, advice on how to use Q Magnets and over 18 different medical magnets and packages for purchase.

If you have any other questions regarding which Q Magnet devices are best for your condition and how to best use them, then please contact us and we will be happy to answer. You will be well served by experienced staff including health professionals who can provide expert assistance.

are a listed medical device designed to produce a weak magnetic flux field over a superficial body site to potentially provide comfort or localized temporary relief of minor aches and pains (e.g., from muscle soreness/stiffness, arthritis). The magnet is typically applied directly to the skin with an adhesive or attached to a brace. They are the real deal and used by elite athletes around the world.

At the heart of a Q Magnet is a single body quadrapolar static magnet with four alternating poles. The unique and patented design of the quadrapolar magnet produces steep magnetic field gradients which is the key to its therapeutic effect.