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Wrist pain can be caused by sports, accidents or ergonomic injuries, as well as from ageing related degenerative conditions such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and fibromyalgia among others.

Q Magnets offer some of the fastest acting pain relief magnets which can be applied to treat the wrists to reduce pain and get back your productivity.

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Unlike magnetic bracelets which utilize much lower intensities and fail to target the magnetic field effectively, Q Magnets are the real deal. Our magnetic field therapy technology utilizes quadrapolar, hexapolar and octapolar magnets. None of the studies or trials which show that magnetic therapy for wrist pain doesn’t work, have utilized such magnets, so please ignore them. Refer to our scientific evidence of magnetic field therapy page to learn about multipolar magnetic therapy research which includes trials and studies for a variety of wrist pain related conditions.

Whether you’re treating a boxing injury or simply can’t bear the pain when you use your mouse or keyboard, Q Magnets should help, or your money back!

Two of our therapeutic magnets work well to reduce wrist pain using magnet placements described below.

Ensure that the magnets don’t move much, so the area of pain gets maximum exposure, by using an adhesive tape (preferred) or placing securely inside a wrist brace or wrist wrap.

Placement is in the center or midline on the wrist. Placement is found by bending the hand toward the body, creating a wrist fold. Place the device at the center of the wrist fold just over lapping the fold. If place correctly it will be in the way of the natural bend of the wrist.


Q Magnets for Wrist Pain Treatment


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