Q Magnets are a break through in magnetic field therapy and natural pain relief

Q Magnets are a patented and listed medical device primarily used for the treatment of pain and injury recovery. They are the real deal and the most powerful pain relief magnets in the world.

At the heart of a Q Magnet is a single body quadrapolar static magnet with four alternating poles. The unique and patented design of the quadrapolar magnet produces steep magnetic field gradients which is the key to its therapeutic effect.

There is now overwhelming evidence from cell studiesanimal studiescase studies and randomized controlled trials that static magnetic fields can be optimised for therapeutic effects. Based on this research and the feedback of thousands of patients and many hundreds of health professionals we have developed devices that can calm down oversensitive pain pathways.

why q q magnets are best therapeutic magnets
In 1999 I was introduced to neurologist Dr Robert Holcomb’s research and Quadrapolar magnets. With a high degree of scepticism, I used them for my own whiplash injury that caused me to take strong pain medication every weekend. Almost immediately on applying the devices, I was able to self-manage my condition with very little need for medication. Now after 12 years and over 2,000 patients treated, I can report an 80% success rate in using Q Magnets for chronic pain relief.

Dianne Hermans; Principal Physiotherapist with special interest in treating chronic and complex pain at the Lifestyle Therapies Pain Clinic in Brisbane.

magnetic field therapy comparisonThe QF28-6 is a Quadrapolar magnet with an attached Flux Plate that is 28mm in diameter and 6mm thick. This device can penetrate an inhomogeneous field almost 5cm into the body, which make it ideal for treating lower back pain over the lumbar spine.

See the how Q Magnets work for more detailed information.

The research on magnetic therapy shows that quadrapolar or Q Magnets desensitise or dampen down pain firing nerve fibres in a way that is not shared with common bipolar magnets.


Below is a computer generated rated magnetic field map of the Quadrapolar array. Notice the steep field gradient in between the four magnetic poles. Extensive laboratory testing has shown that it’s not the magnetic field strength, but the field gradient (steepness of the slope of the magnetic field) that is the determining factor in alleviating pain. This unique steep field gradient generated by the Quadrapolar array is what delivers natural pain relief. This is why the centre of a Q Magnet needs to be placed over the irritated nerve and/or where that nerve inserts into the spinal cord in order to get the full pain relieving effect of the device.

Quadrapolar array

Why Q Magnets?

  • Quadrapolar, Hexapolar & Octapolar arrays 
  • Are a Totally Safe, Drug Free, Non-Invasive Pain Relief Breakthrough
  • Are Free of Side Effects
  • Can be Effective on Acute or Chronic Pain
  • Can Relieve Pain Within Minutes
  • Do Not Impede Your Lifestyle at All
  • Are an Economical Once-Off Purchase, with no expensive ongoing costs!
  • Last for decades.
  • Were Developed by Medical Doctors for Pain Management.
  • Are a Class I Medical Device Listed With Australia’s TGA (FDA Equivalent)
  • Come with our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

What you won’t find on this website?

You won’t find magnetic jewellery, magnetic underlays and pillows or common bipolar magnets repackaged with a nice story. You will only find information based on published research and the genuine experience of hundreds of happy customers and health professionals.



If you have any questions on this, then please send us a message and we will continue the discussion of this important therapy for natural pain relief.

Q Bonus Package for Complex Lower Back Pain Q Bonus Package for complex lower back pain provides a range of devices to target back pain with optimal magnetic fields.

If you or a loved one suffers from strong pain, read on and discover how this magnetic therapy for pain is both safe and effective and how you can experience the difference these powerful devices can make. You have no risk with the Q Magnet 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee.



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Since 2009, Q Magnets have led the way with the world’s most effective magnetic therapy devices.  We provide a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and deliver worldwide.

We are dedicated to support our products with sound advice from experienced health professionals to achieve the best results!