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Golf Injuries & Q Magnet Therapy

Love golf? Chances are, you will suffer from golf injuries at some point. Back pain, rotator cuff injury, tennis/golf elbow and knee pain can bother even the fittest among us and the first sign of trouble is loss of backswing. Loss of rotation maybe pain induced and is a sign your body isn’t as flexible as it used to be. Loss of swing-length affects your club head speed and invariably leads to higher scores.

Pain can be intimidating and challenging when you have to practice for a game. Most golfers will try all sorts of treatments such as hot/cold packs, pain medication such as ibuprofen, massages, chiropractic treatments, some may require surgeries or worst steroid injections to control pain and be able to play. While these treatments may have benefits, they don’t come without risks which might be as mild as “no benefit found” and as bad as drug-side effects or botched surgeries. Therefore, natural pain relief methods should be the go-to strategy to get back to your game, Q Magnets are one of the best natural pain relief technologies today.

Reduce pain and recover your backswing and lost flexibility, while wearing your Q Magnets or sleeping in the magnetic field generated by our magnetic mattress pads.

Back in 2006, Q Magnets co-inventor and physiotherapist Dianne Hermans collaborated with University of Iowa to conduct a clinical case study to investigate the short-effects of neuromagnetic treatment on chronic right sacroiliac joint pain of a 35-year-old golf player. 3D golf swing analysis was utilized to complete the procedure. Assessment of the golf swing following application of these devices for 10 min demonstrated an increase in function and range of movement. Increase in hip speed, shoulder speed and hip turn rotation at top of backswing were observed and documented.

Let’s have a look at some of the golf injuries and pain conditions, and see how Q Magnets can help.

Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common golfing issues. Hours spent hunched over your club, along with rotational stress of swinging can bring about acute back pain. While it’s important to practice with correct form and exercise the back muscles to improve flexibility, sometimes you need more. Luckily Q Magnets have a great track record and can be applied to treat back pain quickly and effectively! 

Shoulder Pain & Rotator Cuff Injury

Golfers can end up injuring their rotator cuffs, which are the stabilizing muscles located in your shoulders. Rotator cuff impingements are when the muscles swell and pinch the space between the arm and shoulder bones. Another type of injury occurs when one of the tendons or muscles tear. Both common types of rotator cuff injuries cause pain and inhibit your game.

Q Magnets work great when the need arises for an instant solution. We recommend the RICEM method for best results – Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation & Magnetic Therapy 

Tennis Elbow and Golf Elbow

Tennis or Golf elbow is an irritation and inflammation of the elbow tendon, while “golf elbow” refers to irritation and inflammation of the inner tendon. Again RICE protocol works best followed with Q Magnets. Q Magnets in themselves will reduce the pain but you can’t ignore working on strength. Good golfers reduce inflammation, gently strengthen the muscles and tendons, and correct the swing technique so the risk of injury reduces.

Knee Pain

Stabilizing the rotation of the hip axis at the beginning of a swing, you can end up putting a lot of stress and strain on a weak knee. Knee injuries vary in type and severity, and it’s no secret that knees suffer more as you age. It’s recommended to see a doctor if you have knee pain to diagnosie the problem as it can not only affect your ability to play but also be a more serious chronic condition.

If you are noticing acute knee pain during your game, try magnetism before medication for pain relief. In most cases we see improved stretching in the calves, hamstrings, thighs and core muscles when Q Magnets are applied.


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Holding the club correctly gets impossible with wrist pain which is mostly caused by tendinitis. Wrists can experience fatigue and inflammation quicker than most other joints and a serious wrist pain can also mean no more club 🙁

Therefore, it’s important to treat wrist tendinitis, use the off-season to condition and strengthen your wrists and forearms; and in ALL seasons, Q Magnets can help reduce the pain anytime there is a flare up, possibly allowing you to finish the course where you couldn’t.

Q Magnets are the answer to your prayers


Most of our golf clients lead happier pain free lives.

Here you have a simple pain relief solution,

that works life-long and does what is says!

Q Magnets for Golf

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