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Feedback from many health professionals and customers, informs us that it might be worthwhile to trial Q Magnets for cervicogenic and suboccipital headaches

Cervicogenic headaches are those that originate in the neck or the back of the head and radiate to front of the head. They are typically accompanied by neck pain and stiffness. This is where the Q Magnets neck placement should be considered. As an alternative to C4, which is often located at the hairline, you can also place a magnet at C1 and C2 which can be tricky to attach as it’s just under the occiput and covered by hair. You can hold the magnet there, tape it on, stick it to a headband or some people will even cut a bit of hair off so they can use the double-sided adhesives.

Suboccipital headaches also originate from the base of the skull where the suboccipital muscles attach the base of the skull to the top of the spine. The best placement is to use a QF28-3 or maybe the smaller QF20-3 centrally over this group of muscles.

In addition, there are acupuncture points that the smaller Q Magnets (Q6-1.5 or QF15-2) can be attached to for cervicogenic or suboccipital headaches. The most common acupuncture point is Gb20, which can be located with the help of your acupuncturist, by palpating or using a trigger point locator.

magnetic therapy acupuncture points for headaches and migraine treatment

 There are two main placements for headaches or migraines. The first is over the temples as shown below.

headache and migraine magnetic therapy

The second placement is over the occiput or basilar artery which is at the base of the skull – see video below for exact placement. If the migraine or headache originates from the neck, then you will most likely need to follow the Q Magnet prescription for Neck Pain as well.

See the beginning of the Good Medicine program which shows a patient being treated for migraines.

The following table lists different types of headaches as prepared by Headaches Australia

To learn more about types of headaches, these two pages also have some good amount of information:

There are certain types of headaches that may be suited to trial Q Magnets. Of the headache types listed by Headache Australia, we suggest the following…

Headache Type Suitable for Q Magnet Therapy Additional Info
Altitude sickness ✔️ See: https://qmagnets.com/relief-from-nausea-and-better-sleep-with-q-magnets/
Aneurysm ✔️
Arthritis ✔️ Utilise imaging (X-Ray, MRI) if available for neck placements. Also, possible occiput placement for C1 and C2
Brain cancer/Tumour
Chinese Restaurant Syndrome
Chronic Daily Headache ✔️ Head and neck placements. Also, possible occiput placement for C1 and C2
Chronic Migraine ✔️ Over occiput and on face and temples. Also, possible occiput placement for C1 and C2
Chronic Paroxysmal Hemicrania ✔️ Head and face placements. Also, possible occiput placement for C1 and C2.
Cluster Headache ✔️ Head and face placements
Cough Headache
Exertional Vascular Headache
Eye Strain ✔️ Temple placement
Goggle Headache ✔️ Temple placement
Hangover ✔️ Temple and head placement
Headache and Dehydration ✔️ Temple and head placement
Hormonal ✔️ Temple and neck and/or menstrual pain
Hot-Dog Headache
Ice-Cream Headache
Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH)
Medication-Overuse Headache
Migraine ✔️ Head, face and neck placement. Also, possible occiput placement for C1 and C2
Post-traumatic Headache ✔️ Head, face and neck placement. Also, possible occiput placement for C1 and C2.
Rebound or Withdrawal Headache ✔️ Head and face placement
Temporal Arteritis
Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction ✔️ Directly over TMJ joint
Tension-type Headache ✔️ Head or face and/or neck placement. Also, possible occiput placement for C1 and C2.
Thunderclap Headache
Trigeminal Neuralgia ✔️ See: http://lifestyle.physio/lt/site/services/painRelief/trigeminal-neuralgia.html
Vestibular Migraine ✔️ Mastoid Process placement (bony protrusion just behind lower part of the ear)


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Headaches and migraines may have serious underlying causes such as infections, tumours and severe high blood pressure. The safety and efficacy of Q Magnets has not yet been established for the treatment of headaches and migraines. Please ensure you first seek professional medical advice if you wish to trial Q Magnets. The following information is provided as a guide only, as many people ask how they might use Q Magnets for headache, for instance in addition to pain medication.

Testimonials for headache and migraine treatment using Q Magnets

Q Magnets help former war vet overcome chronic pain

My husband (age 50) is a disabled former vet and firefighter who suffers from fibromyalgia, PTSD, nerve damage, and chronic pain & fatigue. One of his worst symptoms is migraines, which have not responded to medication or any other kind of treatment. Before using...

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I have found them a God send.

Having been in two car smashes that left my car facing in the opposite direction to which I was travelling, I suffered from severe Whip Lash and stress to my shoulders, elbows and wrists.  I also have a weak lower back as a result of lifting when I was nursing....

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