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“Q Magnets” are designed and manufactured based on scientific evidence and application is based on clinical trials and the feedback of thousands of patients treated by health professionals such as neurologists, doctors and physiotherapists.

The principles by which Q Magnets work are completely different to what many people view as “magnetic therapy”, that is magnetic jewellery and common bipolar magnets set into mattresses, pillows, insoles and body wraps. See our magnetic therapy research pages to learn why our products outperform such  products. After your order, you’ll receive follow up emails with user guides and tips so you can learn how to apply Q Magnets for best results. 

“Q Magnets” multi-polar therapeutic magnets are applied for rapid pain relief based on their effect on the signals generated by cell membranes. 

These are some of the most advanced magnetic field devices and come with a generous 30-day trial. Order your set today! 

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Q magnets guarantees effective, economical and life-long benefits. Try risk-free for 30 days!

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Q Bonus Packages

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Q Bonus packs allow you to use magnetic therapy the way it should be with a good choice of magnets for healing. The Q Bonus Packages are comprehensive therapeutic magnet kits that contain essential Q Magnets and accessories. The Bonus packs are designed to target multiple problematic areas for pain relief.

Q Magnets Blankets

Our newest innovation brings state-of-art medical magnets to your bed for maximum comfort and rapid recovery effects. 

The Q Magnets magnetic blankets have 13 or 28 of our most powerful magnets (Q28-6) to stimulate regeneration and provide immense relief. We use high quality polar fleece fabric to provide the most comforting sleep-time magnetic blankets. 

The Q28 Blanket is effective to cover the entire width of back or entire lumbar from base to midway up the shoulder blades for most people. If you are having leg pain, put it under or on top of the region.

Since the Q Blankets can be used during sleep, they are easier to use than magnetic therapy bracelets, socks, shoe inserts or insoles or other magnetic therapy jewellery, and they work great for both men and women. 

Q Magnets Blankets have the magnetic power and mobility to have a long-term use and positive benefit.

Build Your Own Magnetic Therapy Kit

There are 44 therapeutic magnet models to choose from, starting from as little as $14 each. These can be added to your shopping cart and purchased individually below. For best value, choose one of the Q Bonus Packages, additional devices can be added if required. Use our biomagnetic therapy guide, “How To Use” to find the recommended combination of therapeutic magnets for specific pain conditions.

Magnet products can be compared based on features and properties such as number of poles, size, pull forceflux plate,  plastic casing and more. Accessories can be purchased additionally and include some supporting tools such as trigger point locator and electric stim to further enhance use.

Orders over $200 receive free shipping anywhere in the world, see the shipping charges page for more detailed information.

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Since 2009 Q Magnets have led the way with the world’s most effective magnetic therapy devices.  We provide a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and deliver worldwide including Unites States, Canada, New Zealand, Europe & South East Asia. 

We support our products with advice from experienced health professionals for device selection and placement to achieve the best results. Feel free to write to us anytime!