Magnetic Therapy for Shoulder Pain

Magnet therapy for shoulder pain may be an effective treatment to reduce pain and inflammation. 

Let us learn about shoulder pain and see why magnetic field therapy should be applied to find relief from shoulder pain and how to treat shoulder pain with Q Magnets. 

shoulder pain magnet therapy

The problem of shoulder pain & why magnet therapy is needed

According to the book, Pain in Perspective, shoulder pain affects roughly 20% of the population (in Europe). While almost half the Europeans never go to the doctor to treat shoulder pain, it must be understood that left untreated, it could have negative implications on health and well-being. 

There are many reasons and kinds of shoulder pain. Osteoarthritis, frozen shoulder, synovitis, inflamed bursa, referred pain, dislocation, tendinitis, injuries and sprains are some of the conditions that can cause shoulder pain and rotator cuff problems. 

Hemiplegic shoulder pain is a neurological condition that occurs soon after stroke or brain haemorrhage. Seek expert medical advice for diagnosis and rehabilitation of a hemiplegic shoulder.

According to Harvard medical doctors, certain neck and disc herniations can also cause shoulder pain. An article published in The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners tells us that both biological factors such as occupation related lifestyle as well as psychosocial risks such as stress and anxiety can contribute to shoulder pain. 

In 2005, the Institute for Research in Extramural Medicine in Netherlands conducted a cohort study with 443 shoulder pain patients to study the outcomes of prevalent clinical courses. They recorded the baseline scores of pain, disability, mental health and co-morbidity, i.e., a good picture of the condition of the patients before seeing their doctor. They found that just 32% of the patients recovered after 1 year, and these people were also getting more depressed and less energetic as time passed despite medical treatment. Therefore, it’s pertinent that adjunct treatments be applied to further improve the outcomes. Magnetic therapy being a safe, non-invasive and drug-free pain treatment is certainly worth the research. 

Magnetic field therapy for shoulder pain

There have been two worthy research studies that we know of for reducing shoulder pain using multipolar magnets, one by the co-founder of Q Magnets, Dianne Hermans and the other by Dr. Andre Panagos from Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Washington. Both studies are presented on our scientific evidence for magnetic field therapy page.

Magnetic therapy is most effective when the therapeutic magnets are placed over at the correct points. Unlike common bipolar magnets, therapeutic magnets, such as Q Magnets have been optimised for their health benefits.  . For this reason, magnetic therapy applied using shoulder wraps, belts or necklaces is largely ineffective as such products do not provide either of the features – the placements are not optimal and the magnets are not multipolar.

Shoulder Pain Treatment Protocol

How to Use Q Magnets >> Q Magnet Treatment for Shoulder Pain

Joint pain of the shoulder can be treated with Q Magnets devices as shown by placing a device over the joint space in the front/top and back part of shoulder. Use at least three devices. Additionally, an acute shoulder pain treatment placement is also available below.

Front of Shoulder

To find the joint space in front, raise and lower the affected arm while gently pressing in front of the base of the shoulder. Place a Q Magnets device in the space felt in front of the shoulder joint.

Shoulder Pain Relief Magnetic therapy

Back Shoulder

To find the joint space in back, again, raise and lower the affected arm while gently pressing in back of the shoulder. Place a Q Magnet device in the space felt in back of the shoulder joint. To find the joint space on the top part of the arm, raise and lower the affected arm while gently pressing just below the shoulder bone on the top of the arm. Place a Q Magnet device in the space felt just below the shoulder bone.


magnetic therapy for frozen shoulder pain treatment


Acute Shoulder Pain Treatment Protocol

Pain due to overuse and strain may benefit by placement of the device in the area previously described for tension discomfort of the neck as well as placement on areas of the shoulder which are tender or uncomfortable due to overuse and strain. For a common placement for pain and muscle tenderness use a two-device array over the area of muscle tenderness on the back and an additional one in the joint space in the front as described above.

A combination of all three will be most effective for all shoulder pains.

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Q Magnets for Should Pain Treatment


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