Acupuncture Magnets Set

Original price was: AU$1,279.00.Current price is: AU$985.00.

The Acupuncture Magnets Set is a great collection of Q Magnets designed for acupuncturists.

It contains 29 Q Magnets including some of our strongest and largest – 3 x OF50-3 and 2 x QF28-3 magnets which have large coverage area and deep penetration. The smaller magnets, the QF15-2, the smallest QF6-1.5 and the concentric CFBS120 can be applied to acupuncture points.

Comes with complementary items such as adhesive stickers, Q Bag and information guide.

If you’re an acupuncturist, please reach out to us for a special introductory price on the Acupuncture Magnet Set!

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