Sports Injury Recovery with Magnetic Therapy using Q Magnets

Q Magnets offer an effective method to recover from sports injuries as they target only the area they are applied to and have no side-effects.

Along with nutrition, massage or physical therapy, proper rest, ice and any other professional intervention of choice, Q Magnets can help you get back to your competitive sport in the shortest time possible. 

Serious athletes are used to high intensity training, it goes with the territory. However, over exertion and/or accumulative fatigue can result in trauma through sprains, strains, fractures and bruising. Soft-tissue injuries often prevent athletes from performing at their best and recovery times are critical.

Q Magnets are potentially a simple and safe therapy option for athletes and should be on-hand when the need arises. Here we explain how to use Q Magnets for minor strains and sprains and other injuries and the evidence. 

Q Magnets are a great option for sporting injuries where you experience strong pain and limitation of movement. If you are serious about your sport and want to get back in the game as quickly as possible after injury, one of the best things you can do is have a set of Q Magnets handy and place them directly over the area of injury. 

Q Magnets offer a targeted and more scientifically validated form of pain relief and recovery from sports injuries. Used correctly, Q Magnets provide players with a natural way to improve sports performance without potentially severe side-effects. 

Even children can benefit from Q Magnets offer, there is no reason why they shouldn’t be added to every First Aid Kit. Physiotherapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, fitness trainers and coaches can all advise the use of Q Magnets to improve recovery of their clients.

Below testimonials from professional sports players and sports professionals provide a great glimpse into the degree of effectiveness of Q Magnets for sports injury recovery. 

The list goes on and on. Q Magnets are a great value, simple recovery tool you can reapply yourself over and over again.

The problem with current drugs, such as anti-inflammatory drugs, prescription or Over-The-Counter pain killers, and morphine, is that they sometimes offer only marginal relief and come with lots of potential problems and side-effects.

Clinical data was collected at various Medical Centres and Universities around the world with thousands of experiments conducted on sensory neurones.  It was observed that the unique steep magnetic field gradient generated by the Quadrapolar magnet could actually interrupt the basic unit of pain signal! While single pole static magnets had little or no affect on the pain signal, that is the action potential. This was an incredible breakthrough in pain management. See How Q Magnets Work for more detailed information.

Since Q Magnets seem work on abnormally firing nerve fibres, it is important to find where these signals originate and place them over the offending nerve. This is in contrast to single pole static magnets which do not appear to have the same effect. Interested to study more? Read our research based article on magnetic therapy for the science and see “why Q Magnets” to learn about our unique advancements. 


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