Magnetic Mattress Pads helping provide support for those suffering pain

Feb 4, 2023 | Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Magnetic Therapy, Magnetic therapy research, Q Blanket

Learn how magnetic mattress pads reduce pain based on clinical research and discover Q Magnets’ magnetic mattress pads for rapid pain relief.

How do Magnetic Mattress Pads work?

The therapeutic value of Q Magnets is said to stem from having a steep enough magnetic field gradient that reaches the damaged area so as to envelope the target tissue. Experience has shown that accurate placement is critical for an adequate localised dose-response effect. But the use of Q Blankets could hardly be considered targeted, as the position of the Q Magnets is quite random (anatomically speaking). Maybe there are other mechanisms at work?

Remote Treatment

It’s well established that laser therapy provides a neuroprotective effect. Animal studies have shown for instance, that Parkinson’s disease induced in mice can be significantly reduced by pre-treating with laser. Initially, experiments targeted the laser transcranially into the brain. It was (and still is) accepted that an appropriate “dose” of light therapy should be applied to the target.

However, neuroscientist Dr Daniel Johnstone and his team at the University of Sydney found that they could shield the head with foil and apply the laser light to the hind-limb and still observe a positive effect​1​. The remote application of the laser light produces modest, yet widespread therapeutic changes in the body. This same principle, could explain the mechanism for how Q Blankets support the user.

The Q Blankets produce an optimised multi-polar magnetic field over a large portion of the body, depending on the blanket size and how it’s used. It’s possible that the effect of the Q Blanket could be hormetic in nature. In medicine, hormesis is an adaptive response of cells and organisms to a moderate stress​2​. At a relatively low dose stimulation, the hormetic effect is often beneficial. It’s just possible the multi-polar magnetic field may stimulate molecular mechanisms that channel random energy into coherent modes of activity.  This coherent excitation could then facilitate cellular signalling pathways that reduce pain and promote tissue healing.

Clinical Trial using Magnetic Mattress Pads for Fibromyalgia

There is a randomised controlled clinical trial that looked at the potential benefits of a magnetic mattress pad for reducing pain and improving sleep in people with fibromyalgia​3​

25 subjects completed the trial, 13 in the experimental and 12 in the control group. All subjects had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia syndrome by a medical specialist. Subjects slept on the magnetic mattress pad for 16 weeks, over which time various health outcome measures were recorded such as pain and global well-being scores, sleep disturbance and fatigue and tiredness on wakening.

The results demonstrate a statistically significant and clinically relevant pain reduction and sleep improvement. Major clinical improvement in pain and/or sleep occurs in only 25% of subjects taking medications.  The efficacy of these medications lessens with time and the incidence of adverse effects is up to 98%. 

Because pharmaceutical agents are associated with a high rate of adverse effects and offer only minimum relief for the majority of patients, the authors of the study recommend a trial of magnet therapy, as a non-invasive, painless, low risk adjunct to standard medical interventions. 

Q Blankets / Magnetic Mattress Pads

After many requests from patients, customers and doctors we have produced high quality Q Blankets which can be used as magnetic mattress pads as well. Made from quality polar fleece, our magnetic therapy mats or blankets (depending on how you use them) come in 3 models – Q13, Q28 and Q35 with 13, 28 or 35 of some of our most powerful therapeutic magnets, the QF28-3. These powerful neodymium Quadrapolar rare-earth magnets have been strategically placed in a matrix to provide the optimum circulation of equal amounts of magnetic field flow from both the north and south poles.

magnetic mattress pads - Q Blanket with Instruction Label
Q Blanket with Instruction Label

Why is the Q Blanket potentially a valuable asset for your health?

I recommend the Q Blanket to my patients because it provides general support for the central nervous system. The distribution of the field can provide greater tolerance to unwelcome electromagnetic field exposure and to life’s external stressors.


See testimonies that are already filtering back for the use of the Blanket, even we have been surprised at the benefits people are receiving from using the Q Blanket.


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Since 2009, Q Magnets have led the way with the world’s most advanced magnetic therapy devices.  We provide a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and deliver worldwide.

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Got Q Magnets ?

Since 2009, Q Magnets have led the way with the world’s most advanced magnetic therapy devices.  We provide a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and deliver worldwide.

We are dedicated to support our products with sound advice from experienced health professionals to achieve the best results!