Acupuncture & Magnetic Field Therapy with Q Magnets

Magnetic therapy can be applied by acupuncturists as an adjunct treatment to further improve the outcomes. It has been well established that multiple methods can stimulate acupuncture points; needles, acupressure, electrical, laser, heat etc. and the application of static magnetic fields is yet another option which has been found to be effective for pain relief.

Static Magnetic Fields are a new frontier in pain relief technology research. It is now clear that the interaction of magnetic fields with biological tissues could modify the biochemical and biophysical processes and induce specific physiological changes.

Ion transport is considered as central to the integrity and proper functioning of nerve excitability. Any disruption of their normal function would directly and markedly affect human neurosensory performance REF. Magnetic field gradients induced by multipolar magnets exhibit effects on ions that are not shared with the homogenous fields produced by common bipolar magnets.

There has been much debate over using the north or south pole of a magnet for therapeutic purposes. However this is likely a moot point, as multipolar magnets such as Quadrapolar, Hexapolar and Octapolar may provide a much more effective stimulus for acupuncture points.


Acupuncture Yin Yang Magnet Therapy Principle

Enhance Your Clinical Results

Q Magnets are cutting edge pain relief devices that provide a useful adjunctive therapy to sustain the effects of acupuncture between treatment sessions.

Here is a 5 minute introduction and explanation from Dr. John McDonald (PhD) 



A good way for acupuncturists to start applying magnetic field therapy would be to go through our research and protocols.

  1. Introduction to Static Magnetic Fields (SMFs)
  2. The science of SMF optimisation for physiological and therapeutic effects.
  3. Published research
  4. Application and placement



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Q Magnets are an effective adjunctive therapy for the treatment of pain and are quick and simple to apply for the experienced acupuncturist.

It contains 29 Q Magnets including some of our strongest and largest – 3 x OF50-3 and 2 x QF28-3 magnets which have large coverage area and deep penetration. The smaller magnets, the QF15-2, the smallest QF6-1.5 and the concentric CFBS120 can be applied to acupuncture points.

Comes with complementary items such as adhesive stickers, Q Bag and information guide.

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Magnetic Therapy for Acupuncturists 

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