Q Bonus Package – Complex Lower Back Pain

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The Complex Lower Back Pain Q Bonus is a great set for those beginning their journey into magnetic therapy.

It contains 11 Q Magnets including our largest Octapolar OF50-3 and a pair of our strongest and deepest penetrating QF28-6. This set should provide many options required to apply on most joint and muscle pain conditions, not limited to just the back. The OF50-3 in particular works great for lower back pain as it allows targeting two spinal discs at a time. However, for whole-body or multiple body parts pain, we recommend the Q Blankets for ease of use and comfort. Both together, i.e., individual magnets and Q Blankets provide day/night coverage.

Comes with bonus items such as adhesive stickers, Q Bag and information guide.

A total saving of 15% if you were to buy all these items individually.

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