Q13 Blanket (S)

  • Blanket Size: 3′ x 2′ 4″ or 90 x 70 cm
  • Contains 13 x QF28-3 therapeutic magnets
  • Weight: 1800 g

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Learn more about the Q Blankets Magnetic Mattress Pads

The Q13 magnetic mattress pads have 13 of the strongest quadrapolar  magnets (QF28-6).  These Q Magnets have been strategically placed in a matrix to provide the optimum circulation
of equal amounts of magnetic field flow from both the north and south poles of
powerful neodymium Quadrapolar rare-earth magnets rated 13,500 Gauss or 1.35 Tesla in intensity. Here you can find the  research on magnetic mattress pads and how they work.

Q28 Blanket - The Best Choice

A whole body multipolar magnetic field therapy treatment becomes possible with the Q28 Blanket / Magnetic Mattress Pad

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