How athletes are using Q Magnets to help get back to their sport sooner…

Apr 11, 2012 | Bruises, Magnetic Therapy, Soft Tissue Injuries

The active athlete playing contact or even extreme sports will inevitably suffer from heavy knocks and bruising. The RICE method is always a popular way of dealing with injury, but in the search for a smoother recovery and the temporary relief of minor aches and pains, many athletes are now adding another letter to the acronym – RICEM.

Magnets (Q Magnets that is)

It’s such a simple addition to any rehab routine and may assist an athlete to return to their beloved sport sooner and and possibly experience less discomfort during the recovery process.

Where is the proof?
Look at the evidence from other athletes and major sporting teams.

Q Magnets are a simple and safe therapy for most athletes and easy and inexpensive to have on-hand when the need arises.

Simon Black is one of the all time great AFL players and a genuine, terrific person. Simon was introduced to Q Magnets through his medical team and until we interviewed him, we had no idea how much he used and loved them. He said they were integral in his recovery routine and in extending his playing career.


Many professional sports teams now use Q Magnets as an adjunctive therapy to help reduce pain and improve recovery times for minor sprains and strains and other sports related injuries. This was the feedback we received from a staff member of The Western Force, Rob Naish, after using Q Magnets on a bruise…

“…This means they can get back on the training pitch earlier in the week which helps their preparation and the team’s preparation to perform at the highest level.”

Carlin Isles is a speed sensation and Olympian for the USA Rugby team in Rio. You can see in the video below how his sports trainer has applied the Q Magnets to his forearm, by gluing them into the brace he is wearing. This is a convenient way to wear your Q Magnets without the need for adhesive tape, learn how to in this brief video clip. Here is what Carlin had to say; “Q Magnets, are a great tool man”

Published Research:

The following study is for illustrative purposes only.
The type of magnet used is this study is not a Q Magnet.
The safety and effectiveness of Q Magnets has not been established in the treatment of postoperative pain due to liposuction.

The following published study evaluated the effectiveness of this type of therapy compared with placebo. The study took 20 patients who had just underwent liposuction surgery and gave 10 a coverage of ceramic magnets (not Q Magnets) and 10 the same looking cover with no magnets inside.

Post Operative Pain after active magnets as compared with placebo

The following picture is from the same study showing effects of discolouration.

Post operative after magnet therapy

The report stated… “In our group of study patients, magnetic field therapy was quite remarkable in both the prevention and treatment of these signs and symptoms and also in the alleviation of pain itself. The magnitude in the reduction of postoperative pain was quite significant, allowing for a decrease in the need for analgesic medication. In procedures in which significant ecchymoses or haematomas occur, one would normally expect manifestations such as these to take at least 2 to 3 weeks to resolve, whereas with the use of magnetic field therapy, they resolved in 48 to 72 hours, as is well demonstrated by the photographs.”  

How to use Q Magnets for common sports injuries such as minor sprains and strains?
Follow a few very simple steps:

  1. Select the right Q Magnet device for the job. Larger bruises are best treated with magnets that have a larger spread such as the OF50-3, while smaller joints such as a bruised finger would be best treated with a smaller device like the QF10-2.
  2. Apply the Q Magnet(s) as soon as possible after injury, the sooner the better.
  3. Apply the Q Magnet(s) directly over the injured area.
  4. Q Magnets should only be used as an adjunct in recovery along with professional treatment, medication and RICE principles.
  5. Leave them on 24/7 for the duration of the injury until recovered.

There is another post operative pain study investigating magnetic therapy that showed no benefit over placebo. But the method used in this study placed the magnets around the area of trauma, so any wonder they were not effective.  Using Q Magnet therapy needs to be very specific to get the best results.

Order your individual Q Magnets here or get the Active Athlete special bonus pack. They last for decades and can be used again and again for chronic pain and recovery from soft tissue injuries.


See recent case study for using Q Magnet therapy for quicker recovery from a muscle strain.

Man, D., et al. (1999). The influence of permanent magnetic field therapy on wound healing in suction lipectomy patients: a double-blind study. Plast Reconstr Surg Dec;104(7):2261-6. PMID: 11149796; doi.

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Since 2009, Q Magnets have led the way with the world’s most advanced magnetic therapy devices.  We provide a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and deliver worldwide.

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Got Q Magnets ?

Since 2009, Q Magnets have led the way with the world’s most advanced magnetic therapy devices.  We provide a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and deliver worldwide.

We are dedicated to support our products with sound advice from experienced health professionals to achieve the best results!