• 45 MGOe (N45) Neodymium Rare Earth
  • Octapolar
  • Penetration = 35 mm / 1.4″
  • Magnet Width = 50 mm / 2″
  • Magnet Thickness = 3 mm / 0.12″
  • Pull Force = Pending
  • Flux Plate attached
  • Plastic casing


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Q Magnets OF50-3 is the world’s only Octapolar magnet therapy device. The magnetic field of this 5 cm side therapeutic magnet can target the nerve roots and dorsal horn of the spine and potentially have an effect for many low back pain conditions such as a disc bulge.

OF50-3 for Back Pain Treatment using Magnetic Therapy

This magnetic device can also cover both L4-5 together with L5/S1 spinal segments and the pain almost immediately reduces.

spinal disc treatment with magnetic therapy

There have been many cases where people with severe, long term chronic pain and symptoms which include lower back pain, referred pain and allodynia have found pain relief with our large 5 cm wide Octapolar magnetic therapy device (OF50-3). Patients with such conditions will usually need to wear the device constantly for some months, during which they are able to better rehabilitate by building up the affected muscles and joints which would have previously been intolerable.

The magnet has been applied in this case study by Dr. Neimtzow published in the Medical Acupuncture Journal where two octapolar magnets were fastened on the anterior and posterior knee area.

You can order the OF50-3 individually and it also comes with the following Q Bonus Packages – Acupuncture Magnets Set, Active Athlete set and the Complex Lower Back Pain set.


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