Chakra Healing with Magnet Therapy

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Magnet therapy has been promoted for chakra healing use in energy medicine. Sujok and acupressure practitioners regularly use magnets for healing chakras and enhancing the effects of chakra therapy or chakra balancing treatments.

Let us learn about chakras and then see how magnets can be utilized for chakra healing treatments.

What are Chakras?

Chakras are energy manifestations in and around the body that can be experienced and utilized for healing by practices such as meditation and yoga. While the word chakra is of Indian origin, the Chinese medicine system also has knowledge of chakras where they are known as meridians which are paths through which life-energy or “Qi” flows.

The chakras can be interpreted from several perspectives such as physical, behavioural, and psychic. They can be felt by meditating on their location in and around the body, and there are many techniques such as meditating on chakra points in the body along with symbols, numbers and colours to stimulate/regulate the energy flow.  There are 7 main chakras, listed below from bottom to top with respect to their location in the body. Magnet therapy for chakra healing can be best applied once you are aware of the chakras and have identified areas of treatment.

Mooladhara – Root Chakra
The location of Mooladhara chakra point in the male body is on the perineum, midway between the scrotum and the anus. It is the nerve complex below the testes where sensations are often generated. In the female body, Mooladhara chakra lies on the posterior side of the cervix. It is associated as the seat of the locked energy centre known as the Kundalini.

Swadisthana – Sacral Chakra
The Swadishthana is located at the base of the spinal column, at the level of coccyx. It is quite close to the Mooladhara but relates distinctly to the reproductive and urinary system.

Manipura – Solar Plexus

The Manipura chakra is found behind the naval, on the inner side of the spinal column. This chakra is related to the digestive system.

Anahata – Heart Chakra

Anahata chakra is also known as the heart chakra and is located at the inner side of the spinal column, behind the centre of the chest. This chakra relates not only to the cardiovascular system but also our feelings and emotions.

Vishuddhi – Throat Chakra

The Vishuddhi chakra or the throat chakra is situated in the cervical muscle behind the throat or in the thyroid gland. It is considered to be related to communication on many levels – with your inner self, others and cosmic energy. The benefits of balancing this chakra include having clear thoughts and a cheerful voice.

Ajna – Third-eye Chakra

The Ajna – Third-eye chakra is the command centre or psychic centre in the brain. It is situated behind the eyebrow centre on top of the spinal cord. It is the point of convergence of many nerve complexes, think of it as the connection between the brain and the spine. This chakra is used frequently in many meditation techniques to improve brain function and personal qualities, balancing this chakra can lead to powerful transformation in a person’s intellect and emotional intelligence.

Bindu – Crown Chakra

The Bindu chakra is seated at the top back of the head. Cranial nerves from the brain stem are considered to have their initial origins within the bindu chakra. It is associated to our sensory system.

As we can see that chakras are powerful sub-systems of human function. It’s safe to assume that having these systems working efficiently and in balance would result in better health and wellbeing. We recommend reading the book, Kundalini Tantra by Swami Satyananda Saraswati to get more knowledge on practices for this type of yoga.

In 1978, Japanese scientist, Dr. Hiroshi Motoyoma invented chakra machines for measuring this vital energy of the body. This machine found use in Japanese hospitals for early detection of diseases by recording the electrical activity or pulses originating from specific points in the spinal cord, where muscle activity is minimum. This was a nice scientific explanation of what is being felt as chakras are indeed currents and signals.

More recently in 2015, Dr. Kafatos from Chapman University published an article in a journal known as Global Advances in Health and Medicine, in which he studies Biofield sciences.  He defines Biofield in simpler terms as the electromagnetic fields detected in and around the body, generated by the body and finds it similar to chakras and meridians. Magnets being excellent stimulators can therefore have an effect on these currents and have been used for chakra healing.

Once awareness of chakras is developed by meditation, you will naturally be more sensitive to toxic habits and diets. Awakening of the chakras has many benefits for improving creativity and wellness. You can find significant improvement in will power too. However, this does require some effort as you need to have a good posture and do some amount of meditation regularly to really open your mind to the energy of your body and utilize it for healing.

If you have 45 minutes to relax, we recommend trying this nice meditation which is done lying down flat on your back to feel your chakras:

Make sure you lie flat on your back on a mat or floor to practice this technique.

Magnet therapy for Chakra healing

While meditating on chakras we often find imbalances and effort is required to heal these issues. This is an exhaustive exercise and it can take a long time, even under professional guidance. One may never find enough time to heal chakras or have enough conscious energy to do so purely by self-meditation. Therefore, many yoga and Chinese medicine practitioners have been exploring tools and methods to heal chakras and meridian systems respectively remotely using external stimulus. Essential oils, gem stones, chanting, reiki, acupressure and magnets are some of the ancient healing practices that have been found to be effective in healing chakra imbalances.

The best results with magnet therapy are found when we understand the basic principles of field, dose and placement. This holds true for magnet therapy for chakra healing as well.

During your chakra meditation you would discover areas of discomfort. Magnets can be applied to find balance and relief. You would still want to relax in a meditative posture while applying the magnets. The dose and field are dependent on the size and intensity of the magnet and requirement of the electrical system that we are targeting. It would be advisable to start with a low “dose” and only go higher if needed.

Placement of the magnet could be where you find discomfort. Although it’s advisable to learn more about the chakras for best results. For example, sensory system or Bindu chakra on the top of the head can be overstimulated and it can be counterproductive to treat it directly. The Vishuddha or the throat chakra balances this centre and magnets should be tried on both chakras at the same time for best results. Similarly, you might find that energy flow is blocked in a particular chakra and the source of that blockage would need to be identified and treated. This will work with experience. Q Magnets being some of the most powerful therapeutic magnets on the planet, and some of the most optimised for reaching various depths in the body are a great tool for chakra healing.

Meridian points can also be used and like Byol or Sujok magnet therapy, low-power Q Magnets or our concentric ring magnets can be utilized for a gentler healing. Q Blankets, our whole-body magnet therapy system, which can be used as magnetic mattress pads have 13 or 28 Q Magnets placed in a matrix, these should be most helpful in chakra balancing.

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In Indian Tantras, meridians are called Nadis and these are channels through which awareness flows in the body, often in parallel to the nervous system itself. Magnet placement can be according to the imbalance you find in this energy flow. There are thousands of Nadis, so that is why relaxing and slowly expanding awareness of the whole body is a part of chakra healing.

Relaxation techniques such as Yoga Nidra or progressive relaxation techniques can also be practiced in conjunction with magnet therapy for better directing the field flow.

While Wikipedia claims incorrectly that magnetic therapy is a pseudoscience,  there exists solid scientific evidence for magnetic field therapy, just like the MRI and TMS. What some people do with static magnets and the health claims they make even surprises me. Those who are quick to dismiss the unfamiliar or what they don’t understand are mostly closed minded and prone to missing valuable lessons in life. Personally, I’ve always been sceptical of the concept of chakras and then I received this very well considered testimony from Christine, who has suffered with a complex and persistent health condition.

Christine found by incorporating the placement of the OF50-3 Q Magnet over the solar plexus chakra. This she found, made all the difference amid a diverse routine. So by better understanding the concept of chakras and where applicable applying your Q Magnets could make a significant difference, as in the case of Christine. If so, please be sure to contact us and let us know.


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Got Q Magnets ?

Since 2009, Q Magnets have led the way with the world’s most advanced magnetic therapy devices.  We provide a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and deliver worldwide.

We are dedicated to support our products with sound advice from experienced health professionals to achieve the best results!