Relief from gastrointensital (GI) pain by applying OF50-3 magnet on solar plexus chakra

Dec 9, 2020 | Abdominal Pain, Testimonials

I waited to write until I could give you a fair assessment of how well the OF50-3 octapolar magnet is working. I don’t use it in a conventional way but I am getting positive results. Here’s my story:

BACKGROUND: I am a retired registered nurse with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. I am also a therapeutic touch practitioner and writer. I have always been open to integrative complementary therapies, especially when traditional medical doctors have no answers for chronic conditions. My husband is a retired physician.

HISTORY: I have several chronic GI conditions: Barrett’s esophagus, gastroparesis, pyloric stenosis and a history of ulcers in the stomach and duodenum. Challenging as these conditions are, the worst is nerve and muscle damage following gall bladder removal in 2018. My enteric nervous system was permanently damaged due to trauma from surgery.

TREATMENTS: Of course I’ve tried the traditional treatment route throughout all this: endoscopy, CT scans, upper and lower barium X-rays, ulcer diets, gastroparesis diets, proton pump inhibitors, H2 blockers, and so on. Nothing helped much. I’m not a big person. I weighed 105 the day of surgery, and plummeted to 80 pounds one year later. I don’t have cancer. I looked horrible, felt worse, was facing a jejunotomy feeding tube and thought my life force was slipping away.

ALTERNATIVE TREATMENTS: I knew an RN who is a healing touch practitioner and weekly energetic treatments eased the pain somewhat. They certainly improved my mood and gave me hope. I studied self acupressure techniques for GI issues and began using them daily along with mindfulness mediation techniques. Chamomile tea calms my GI symptoms. Peppermint tea is harmful because I have GERD and peppermint relaxes the esophageal sphincter. I came to realize that there is a hard edge and soft edge to my pain. When it is at its worst, (hard edge) I breathe deeply because I know the soft edge (less pain) will come.

THE LIFE CHANGING MRI: In a last ditch effort to see if my gall bladder bed (surgery site) had a blocked bile duct causing my right upper quadrant pain ( it doesn’t) my gastroenterologist ordered Magnetic Resonance Imaging of my abdomen. During the 50 minute procedure I could feel the powerful magnetic fields gently pulsating my abdomen. Things relaxed. For the rest of the day my belly felt better than it has since my surgery two years ago.

I began researching magnetic therapy for inflammation and nerve damage. I didn’t hope it would work. I KNEW it could work because of my experience with the MRI. After much searching, I found your site, read a lot and decided I needed the powerful octapolar magnet for belly pain.

MY METHOD: I am familiar with energy centers in the body through my work as a therapeutic touch practitioner and use of self acupressure techniques. The third energy center is called the solar plexus (3rd Chakra) and it governs the GI tract and our psychological well being.

Every morning after a cup of chamomile tea, I lie on the floor, pillow under my head, knees comfortably bent to take pressure off my back. After opening my chakras through mediation and doing self acupressure for the GI tract and liver, I place the OF50-3 magnet on my solar plexus, third chakra. Face down on my skin with arrow pointing towards my head, I breathe deeply and visualize wellness. I devote a half hour to this. After about 15 minutes, my belly gently rumbles and the pain relief begins.

After a half hour, I do an assessment of my belly with acupressure to check for over or under GI activity and location of pain. If there is an area that needs attention I place the magnet directly on it and visualize wellness. When I’m feeling better I close the chakras and continue with gentle stretching and lifting small weights. This is the best one hour investment I can make for myself on a daily basis.

If I am not feeling well in the evening, I repeat my morning routine. Sometimes I have right upper quadrant pain (at the surgical site) after I eat and lying down, placing the magnet directly on the painful area, breathing deeply and visualizing wellness always helps ease the pain.

I think sometimes we experience pain because we have a memory of pain and expect it. Our muscles get tense which increases pain. The combination of deep breathing while using the magnet relaxes me. That in itself eases pain. Prior to using the magnet, I had been doing all of the other techniques for more than a year: healing touch, meditation, self acupressure, chamomile tea and all the while I used these combined techniques, I visualized wellness, seeing myself whole. I got some relief but I still had more “hard edge” pain days than “soft edge” days.

RESULTS: Is my devised treatment protocol as good as the powerful magnetic fields of the MRI? No, of course not, but it is helping and that’s all that matters to me. I am gaining some of my weight back, look better, feel better, and have more energy. The magnet is not a cure and it requires my daily dedication for it to work. My symptoms are not gone but they are oh so much more manageable.

Using the magnet does not have a lasting effect. It needs to be done daily the way I use them. I am hoping that if the magnet can promote healing, there will come a time when I don’t need it daily. If that day does not arrive, daily maintenance with magnets is an easy cost effective treatment for my long term problems and I can live with that. I just need to let myself off the hook for being human on the days I lack the motivation to try.

The OF50-3 octopolar magnet is high quality, gets good reviews and is worth the price. Thank you!

I believe that I am a partner and active participant in my health care through responsible behavior, careful research and a willingness to try something outside the scope of traditional medicine. The GI tract is sometimes called our “second brain” and there is a powerful connection between our thoughts and feelings and how our belly reacts to stress. The pandemic, of course , has added to the stress. If the effectiveness of magnets, healing touch, acupressure and chamomile tea is in my head, so be it. The placebo effect is real. The bottom line is that I feel better using magnetic therapy and that’s all that matters to me. Whatever works, works.

Thank you again for a quality product.

Christine Jette
Cincinnati, Ohio

Update 12/13/2020:

My experience with the OF5O-3 magnet is evolving and I added another component to it. I now sleep with the magnet taped to my solar plexus, the 3rd chakra.

I was having a “hard edge” pain day and the magnet didn’t help much when I did my routine described in the first email, both in the morning and at bedtime. It occurred to me that I needed more time with it, so I taped it to the center area between my rib cage and navel (solar plexus) and went to bed.

I did not wake up as much as I usually do during the night and when I got up the next morning my belly felt much calmer. The “hard edge” of pain was gone.

I bought some hypoallergenic paper tape at the local drugstore and use a small piece to attach the magnet at night. You can find hypoallergenic tape in the First Aid section of almost any pharmacy. Some grocers and most big box stores carry it, too.

Since then, I continue to do my morning routine, and evening if needed, but I believe the added time with the magnet overnight is very helpful. I am starting to have more “soft edge” days and I wanted you to know.

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Got Q Magnets ?

Since 2009, Q Magnets have led the way with the world’s most advanced magnetic therapy devices.  We provide a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and deliver worldwide.

We are dedicated to support our products with sound advice from experienced health professionals to achieve the best results!