Adam Wallace-Harrison on pain management

Adam Wallace-Harrison while at the Kobelco Steelers
Adam Wallace-Harrison while at the Kobelco Steelers

I have been using Q-Magnets for a couple of years now. When I have had a particularly tough week of training I tend to get a stiff lower back. When this occurs I use Q-Magnets. Immediately after training I tape two magnets, one either side of my spine to my lower back. I usually leave them on overnight, waking up the next day with a greater range of movement. I also get good results from using Q-Magnets whilst travelling. Travelling is obviously a major part of playing professional rugby and being 6 ft 6, a part that I have never particularly enjoyed. In the past before long flights I would take anti-inflammatory’s or worst case scenario if my lower back is particularly tight, muscle relaxants. Now that I use Q-Magnets I no longer need to use such drugs.

Whilst playing in Japan I was spending many hours on my feet at training on a hard training surface. At times my Achilles would pull up sore. When this occured I applied one Q-magnet either side of my Achilles and wore them like that while not training. Usually within 12-24 hours the soreness was gone.

The thing I like most about Q-Magnets is that they provide almost instant relief without the use of drugs. They are also very easy to use. Due to there small size and shape, I have no problems throwing them in my kit or travel bag. They are not bulky so when I do have them on they do not prohibit me from sleeping or doing day to day activities.
Like all rehabilitation aids you still need to treat the problem, they will not fix the problem. But they do give me drug free relief, which is something that I need particularly when preparing for a game.
Adam Wallace-Harrison.
Former Brumbies and Kobelco Steelers and current Reds player




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