What to look for when purchasing magnetic therapy products?

Jul 4, 2011 | Compare Healing Magnets

OK, it’s time to look at some competing magnetic therapy products available on the web and I’ll show you three common practices which you should find very useful in your own personal investigations.

1. Most sites list claims and promising research into magnetic therapy that has nothing to do with the type of magnetic products that they offer. Here is a classic example, while there is no reference to the comments from Dr. Worthington, he is one of the contributing researchers along with Dr. Holcomb and you can be sure he was referring to Quadrapolar magnets and not bipolar biomagnets. Like the link below, the vast majority of the research listed on sites selling bipolar magnets are studies using either electromagnetic fields or multipolar static magnets that produce an inhomogeneous magnetic field.

Research articles listed for pain relief by Therion. Therion have a good website and looks like they do an equally good job at positioning bipolar magnets into assorted wraps. But don’t be mislead, all you will be buying is bipolar magnets with a homogeneous field.  See more information on magnetic therapy research using multipolar static magnets.

2. The second thing you see is lots of fancy words like “Maximum Field Integration”, “extra-wide coverage” and “Magneto-Biophysics“. Now this is nothing more than marketing hype, when in reality all it means is that they have a few more common bipolar magnets sewn into their back, knee or ankle wraps or are trying to confuse/impress you with vague scientific terms.

Whereas what’s most important in magnetic therapy is that you place a multipolar device like Q Magnets that produce an optimized inhomogeneous magnetic field (or magnetic field gradient) so that the field envelopes the target tissue which is usually the site of the injury or sensitized slow conducting unmyelinated C-fibre nerves.

3. The third thing you will sometimes see is a patented product but very little mention of what’s actually patented. In the vast majority of cases, all that is patented is a method of attaching the bipolar magnet onto the skin. While this can be useful, it still doesn’t change the fact that these are simply common bipolar magnets attached to the body.

Now I am not saying they are necessarily bad products or that you may not get some type of pain relief using them but simply pointing out a pattern you will see on most sites selling magnetic therapy products.

Hopefully you will now be better informed by seeing through the smoke and mirrors of companies that try to associate their products with research which bares no resemblance to their own. To get to the crux of the matter, the main point of difference with most of the companies selling therapeutic magnets is the strength of the bipolar magnets and how many are include in their wraps, none of which is particularly innovative.

Nikken also have some very good multipolar products which are sold through a direct multilevel marketing program. We have provided a comparison between Nikken and Q Magnets.

If you are looking for real innovation and an enhanced therapeutic effect in magnetic therapy, then I would invite you to take a closer look at Q Magnets.

So what are Q Magnets and what makes them any different? Q Magnets are a Quadrapolar static magnetic field gradient generating medical device made from one of the strongest neodymium rare earth magnets available. They are an innovative design, based on a significant body of published research on magnetic therapy to produce an inhomogeneous magnetic field (or magnetic field gradient) that is focused and will penetrate up to 5cm or 2 inches into the body.

These devices are used widely by health professionals and professional sports teams to potentially provide comfort or localized temporary relief of minor aches and pains so they can get back to playing their sport sooner. There have been clinical trials and the feedback from thousands of patients treated.

We provide a range of models so you can select the right device for your condition. We also supply tools such as a trigger point locator to assist in locating the precise target areas so smaller more comfortable and less expensive devices can be used.



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