I have followed treatments for pain closely for over 15 years and since 2008 I have been using Q Magnets.

OF50-3 Octapolar magnet; 50mm x 3mm

OF50-3 Octapolar magnet; 50mm x 3mm


Recently I trialled the newest model, the OF50-3 and have found it to be excellent for treating the following conditions…
• Bilateral, postero-lateral disc pain.
• SIJ pain

I have experienced encouraging results with widespread pain and spasm of a deep, constant, unremitting nature; presentations that are usually slow to respond.

Its motivating and encouraging for patients to see significant changes in just one session.

Imogen Cusack
Oxley, Brisbane.


Disc related back pain can be serious. For instance, severe cases of a herniated disc (sometimes called a slipped or ruptured disc) causing pressure on the spinal nerve can lead to paraplegia. This nerve pressure is termed mechanical pain and based on patient and clinical feedback, Q Magnets will NOT help mechanical nerve pain. Professional medical advice and a proper diagnosis should be sought. Please see limitations of Q Magnets for more information.