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For the foot, the Q Magnet devices should be placed over the area of discomfort. The device should not be worn inside shoes, but may be worn on top of shoes, as the depth of Q Magnet field penetration is approximately 70mm (3 inches). Use a strong durable tape, such as sports tape, to secure the devices in place. Flexible sports bandages may also be wrapped around the shoe to keep the devices secure. Apply the devices at night, to the skin, directly over the area of discomfort.

Q Magnets for Foot Pain

Use smaller device to wear inside shoe.

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Help for an Achilles tendon complaint

To whom it may concern:At the moment I am using one magnet (a QF28-6) from your company and have attached it to my left Achilles tendon; I can walk much better and started dancing again. In the future I will definitely buy more of your magnets, they are far superior...

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