The Q Separator For Easy Separation Of Q Magnets


The second generation Q Magnets are very powerful quadrapolar (four alternating poles on one surface) magnets within one magnetic body. They are made from some of the most powerful rare earth, neodymium magnetic material known. This provides a deeper penetrating magnetic field, a steeper field gradient and a powerful therapeutic effect on the body.

One of the consequences of this design is the attraction forces between the Q Magnets. When storing your Q Magnets, keep the white plastic separator between them and try not to allow the active sides of two devices come together (the active side of the Q Magnet is not the sticker side, it is the silver or gold plated side).

If your Q Magnets do stick together, they can be very difficult to separate. This is why we have designed the Q separator. Simply place one magnet into the cavity and slide off the top one as seen in the video to the left. If you have difficulty removing the Q Magnet that remains in the cavity, give the Q Separator a tap in the palm of your hand or on a soft solid surface. The Q Magnet should fall out either into your hand or onto the soft surface.

If you do not have a Q separator, the easiest way to separate the Q Magnets is to place the edge of the bottom one against the lip of a solid square edge like a table or bench and push against the top Q Magnet with both thumbs. The top Q Magnet will slide off.

Storing your Q Magnets for long periods while stuck together will not diminish the strength of the magnetic field. This is simply a precaution to make them easier to handle.

Never try to pull or twist your Q Magnets apart, only use a shearing or sliding force.


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