Lisbeth Kristensen is a former World Champion, two time European Champion and a multiple Ironman winner. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark Lisbeth now specialises in triathlon and endurance sport coaching.

Lisbeth was kind enough to send us a review after using her Q Magnets.

“As a professional triathlete for nearly 10 years, for almost half this time I have been injured. I am over 6ft tall and have constantly struggled with my back, having had trouble with disc bulges and other problems. The ironman is not designed for someone with a bad back. Since my mentor Peter Stanton introduced me to Q Magnets I have had no trouble. Being an elite athlete I know when my hips and pelvis are out, something that previously would take weeks sometimes months of treatment to remedy, I now put the magnet on and can see myself straighten up while watching in a mirror. I set the bike course record in my last IM and felt good coming off the bike after being bent over for 5hours in the time trial position. Takes Q Magnets, I must say I am addicted.”

See Lisbeth’s blog here.

Disc related back pain can be serious. For instance, severe cases of a herniated disc (sometimes called a slipped or ruptured disc) causing pressure on the spinal nerve can lead to paraplegia. This nerve pressure is termed mechanical pain and based on patient and clinical feedback, Q Magnets will NOT help mechanical nerve pain. Professional medical advice and a proper diagnosis should be sought. Please see limitations of Q Magnets for more information.