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Q Magnet devices can be placed over each temperomandibular joint. The temperomandibular joint can be identified by feeling in front of the ear with the index finger while opening and closing the mouth. The devices should be worn at night and held in place by Q Magnet double-stick adhesives and /or tape. Use 2 or 3 magnets per tooth for best results.


Q Magnets for Jaw Pain

Toothache Treatment Reviews for Q Magnets

Dean finds instant pain relief from tooth ache

"I had a pain in a molar after biting on a hard peanut, later diagnosed as a strained ligament. Tylenol and Advil were doing the best they could, but nerve pain is the worst and the pain was winning. After listening to me complain about the pain, my wife reminded me...

Experience with Q Magnets from Therapist of Natural Medicine

Experience with Q Magnets from Therapist of Natural Medicine

Dr. Antonio Ritto from Portugal is a highly acclaimed dentist, natural medicine clinician and master in neural therapy. He has several publications in Kinesiology Journals as well. We’re pleased to share his findings and methods of applying Q Magnets in this article.


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