Static Magnetic Fields May Have an Anti-inflammatory Effect at The Cellular Level.


This in-vitro (cell study) experiment demonstrated convincing evidence that exposure to a strong, inhomogeneous static magnetic field (iSMF) for up to 24 hrs has a significant inhibitory effect on the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines IL-6, IL-8, and TNF-α from macrophages as compared to negative, untreated control. There is also evidence that low-dose naloxone with morphine has a similar effect of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines (Lin, et al. 2010).  This suggests that the action of iSMF-exposure may be similar to that of serum morphine.


Concentration of Interleuken-6 released from macrophages

Concentration of Interleuken-6 released from macrophages


Concentration of Interleuken-8 released from macrophages


Concentration of TNF-α released from macrophages




































Also in agreement with the results of this study was Chionna et al (2003) that a 6 mT SMF-exposure affected cell shape as a result of cytoskeleton rearrangements or by influencing the structural components of the plasma membrane directly.

These studies could be regarded as proof that SMF-exposure in fact has a beneficial effect on human macrophages and lymphocytes in-vitro, and as such SMF-exposure should be a worthy candidate of further investigations in clinical trials including diseases with inflammatory background.


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