About Q magnets

Neuromagnetics Australia Pty Ltd is a world leader in the research, design and manufacture of static magnet medical devices that generate magnetic flux field gradients for the treatment of acute and chronic pain, fracture healing and chronic dysfunction.


Our signature product, Q magnets are patent pending around the world and are designed based on published research and extensive clinical experience.

Q is for Quadrapolar which describes the unique four alternating magnetic poles within the one magnetic body of the device which is listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration as a Class I Medical Device for the temporary relief of pain ARTG 13223.


Work with the first Quadrapolar magnets was pioneered by Dr Robert Holcomb, who was an Associate Professor of Neurology at Vanderbilt University in 1989. Years of research were conducted at the Vanderbilt University Medical Centre, Centre for Neuromagnetics. For a summary of this work, see the 5 minute Good Medicine video feature on our website.


The next generation Quadrapolar magnet or Q magnet was developed in 2007 by James & Dianne Hermans. 2009 saw the development of the Hexapolar magnet (6 alternating poles) and 2010 the launch of the Octapolar magnet (8 alternating poles) which increase the active areas of the magnet. Research and design is ongoing as new and improved features and applications are developed to make Q magnets more user friendly and to enhance their therapeutic effect.


Dianne Hermans worked extensively with Dr Holcomb in the early 2000's before he was sent bankrupt and effectively dispossessed of his own company through an act of corporate treachery that occurs all too often in the USA to talented and trusting inventors. Dianne is the principal physiotherapist of Lifestyle Therapies, a clinic that specialises in the treatment of complex and chronic pain.


Many scientific papers have been published by scientists including Associate Professor of Neurology, Dr Michael McLean and are available for viewing on the Q magnet website. A weaker device with four bipolar magnets arranged in a Quadrapolar array, was sold by Amway Corporation under the trade mark Magna Bloc from 1999 to 2006.




Neuromagnetics Australia Pty Ltd manufactures and distributes the Quadrapolar or Q magnet.


James Hermans
Managing Director





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