Pull Force Required to Pull Q Magnet Models from Metal Plate

The pull force of a magnet is the amount of perpendicular force needed to remove it from an object it is magnetically attracted to. In this case we used an industrial force guage and a large piece of iron around 25mm or 1" thick so it would not become magnetically saturated - see the image below for a demonstration.

The magnetic pull force is a measure of how strong its magnetic field is and the properties of what it is attached to.

The following table provides the pull forces for each of the Q Magnet models.

Units are Newton (N), Kilogram Force (kgf), Pound Force (lbf).

Q Magnet model Newton kgf lbf
OF50-3 Pending    
QF28-6 262 26.7 59.0
QF28-3 206 21.0 46.4
HF28-6 Pending    
QF20-5 140 14.3 31.5
QF20-4 132 13.4 29.6
QF20-3 127 12.9 28.5
QF20-2 90 9.18 20.2
QF15-3 48 4.9 10.8
QF15-2 50 5.1 11.3
QF10-3 13.6 1.4 3.1
QF10-2 11 1.1 2.5
Q6-1.5 4.4 0.4 1.0

Image showing force gauge instrument to measure pull force.

Pull force


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