Interview with Simon Black of the Brisbane Lions

October, 2009

Simon Black of the Brisbane Lions midfield is the most decorated player currently playing professional Australian Rules Football. A triple premiership player, Brownlow Medallist, Norm Smith Medallist and three time All Australian. A prodigious ball winner, Simon clocks up something like 17km per game and now at the age of thirty getting back up week after week and remaining one of the elite players in the competition takes extreme effort and skill, knowing your body and finding and using what works.

For the past three years Simon has been using Q Magnets to apply to injuries and soreness to speed up the recovery process. In fact Simon first used magnets 17 years ago when he was introduced to them by a trainer back in Perth. He has seen and used all types of magnets, but he has never experienced anything like the healing properties of the new Q Magnets.


In fact until we conducted this candid and unscripted interview, we had no idea how much Simon used and valued Q Magnets as an integral part of his recovery process.


Thank you to Simon for his generous time in volunteering to answer some questions on Q Magnets; see below.