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Medical Magnets

Medical magnets are designed to exhibit magnetic field properties that have been shown through research to be therapeutic. Benefits of medical magnets include pain relief, wound and fracture healing and faster recovery from injury.

Q magnets are one such design that have proven therapeutic effects. See more on the relevant published research and some of the hundreds of testimonies we receive from satisfied customers and health practitioners.






Neuromagnetics Australia Pty Ltd manufactures and distributes the Quadrapolar or Qmagnet.

James Hermans
James Hermans
Managing Director
James Hermans


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  • Q magnets are not a cure for any disease, ailment or defect, but may potentially provide comfort or localised temporary relief of minor aches and pains.
  • Do not wear Q magnets near sensitive medical equipment or implants such as pacemakers, dorsal column stimulators, infusion pumps, or any other magnetically programmable medical devices.
  • If you are uncertain if these contraindications apply to you, consult your health care professional prior to use.
  • Always read the Information & Instructions sheet that comes with the product.
  • This product is not a replacement for professional medical treatment. It is recommended you consult with a suitably qualified healthcare professional regarding pain management options.
  • Use only as directed, if symptoms persist, see your health care professional.
  • Do not use during pregnancy as there has not been adequate safety testing.