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knee pain treatment with magnetic therapy

Simple knee pain

Q Magnets can be placed in either of two arrays depending on the intensity of the pain. The first is intended for mild to moderate pain. Feel for the joint spaces or grooves on either side of the kneecap by bending the knee forward and back. Place a Q Magnet on either side of the knee in these two joint spaces.

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magnets can be helpful for knee pain relief

In some cases, it’s important to capture a larger area with the magnetic field. To do so, add a Q Magnet above and below the knee in the joint spaces, again by feeling for the grooves at the top and bottom of the kneecap, while bending the knee back and forth. Placement should resemble a diamond shape around the kneecap.

In some cases it may also be necessary to treat centrally over the spine. All pain is first interpreted at the spine and the nerves that innovate the knee insert into the spine at L3. L4 is located at the same level as the waist and can be found by imagining a line joining either side, where it crosses the spine is L4. L3 is around 2cm above L4 or you may feel it as the next bony protrusion. Wear a Q Magnet over L3 for a few days and monitor your condition, you may need to shift it slightly up or down to ensure you have the correct placement.

Q Magnets for Knee Pain

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A friend told me about Q Magnets after he tried them and swore by them in providing instant pain relief. I was sceptical that magnets would be effective but was suffering from such unbearable knee pain that I was desperate to try anything to ease the pain. I have...

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After suffering from an injury that is known as Osgood-Schlatter’s disease in my knee from a teenager I had a rare occurrence of the injury coming back 7 years later whilst playing soccer. The pain was fierce and left me barely able to walk up stairs without immense...

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