Dermatomes and how they effect Q Magnet application.

Dermatomes are areas of skin supplied with afferent nerve fibres by a single spinal nerve (nerve root). Dermatome mapping helps to understand why pain may travel beyond the injury site to other areas of the body. Understanding dermatomes helps to identify the most effective Q Magnet placements for people suffering pain. There is a good description of dermatomes and their anatomical landmarks on Wikipedia.

Q Magnets are used by targeting the original injury site and then treating centrally over the spine at the nerve root. Due to communication through propriospinal intersegmental neurons, devices may need to be placed on multiple levels. The target of central sensitization is the central nervous system and not the periphery.

A strong indication for central placement would be bilateral pain, that is, similar pain on both sides of the body. For example, someone with pain in both knees may benefit from placing a QF28-6 over L3/4 or L4/5 (from the 3rd to the 5th lumbar vertebrae of the lower back). Additionally, the optimum treatment for someone with pain down both arms (this is a common symptom for instance for fibromyalgia) is placing a QF28-3 over C4 or C5/6 - see neck pain placement.


Dermatome Map - Front View
Dermatome Map - Rear View
Dermatomes - front view Dermatomes - Rear view
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