• 45 MGOe (N45) Neodymium Rare Earth
  • Bipolar – Bio-North
  • Penetration = 75mm or 3.0"
  • Magnet Width = 28mm or 0.8"
  • Magnet Thickness = 3mm or 0.08"
  • Pull Force = Pending
  • Flux Plate attached
  • Plastic casing
Price:   AUD $ 33.00
( Approx USD Price:   $ 22.77 )
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How to Use

Dosimetry on the QF28-6 shows the alternating poles. The red segments represent recordings over the positive poles and blue the negative.

The small gap between the poles is where the opposite poles cancel each other out and the net field strength is zero. However, this is where the magnetic field gradient is steepest and the four clear lines represent the biologically active areas of the magnet.

See the explanation of magnetic field gradients and how Q Magnets work pages for a more detailed explanation.

There are two different models in the QF10 family, 10mm diameter Q Magnets - QF10-3 and QF10-2. While there is negligible difference in the depth of penetration between the two, the thicker the magnet, the denser and stronger the magnetic flux. So as a general rule, use the thickest device that is comfortable and practical to wear. In addition, the smaller the device, the more accurate the placement is needed. If the Q Magnet is slightly off position, the field will not reach the target tissue and it will have little or no effect.

The QF10-2 device is seen here (left) on the wrist.

Video showing correct placement for the elbow. For the demonstration, a larger device is being used, but either the QF15-3 or QF15-2 could also be used for the elbow.Also see elbow pain placement for more information.

QF10 Q Magnets should also be used on trigger points when the Q6-1.5 is not powerful enough to effect the tissue.Also see elbow pain placement for more information.

Any of the devices can be sewn into or onto braces once the best placements have been determined. They can also be placed inside of socks or tubular elastic material such as tubigrip.

Wrist pain placement (left) with adhesive tape using Hypafix, also called Fixomull or Cover-Roll.

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