• 45 MGOe (N45) Neodymium Rare Earth
  • Bipolar – Bio-South
  • Penetration = 60mm or 2.4"
  • Magnet Width = 20mm or 0.8"
  • Magnet Thickness = 3mm or 0.08"
  • Pull Force = Pending
  • Flux Plate attached
  • Plastic casing
Price:   AUD $ 22.00
( Approx USD Price:   $ 15.18 )
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How to Use


Ref: Laakso, L., F. Lutter, et al. (2009). "Static magnets – what are they and what do they do?" Brazilian Jounal of Physiotherapy 13(1). doi.

Use by placing the metal (non-sticker) side to the skin, so the sticker should be visible when attached.

Attach with QFix double sided adhesive, sports tape such as Fixomull/Hypafix/Cover Roll, eleastic bandages such as Tubigrip or sew into your favourite brace.

North Pole or South Pole

The BF20-3S is a bipolar magnet and when placed on the body following the instructions the BioSouth field is penetrating into the body. BioSouth is equivalent to the North seeking pole. In other words, this end of the magnet will point to the earth's north pole (Arctic).

The bipolar magnets sold by Neuromagnetics Australia are not patent pending or a listed Medical Device since they are not a multipolar magnet, that is Quadrapolar, Hexapolar or Octapolar.


Lower Back Pain Magnet Placement

Example of taping magnets to lower back.

Any of the devices can be sewn into or onto braces once the best placements have been determined. They can also be placed inside of socks or tubular elastic material such as tubigrip.

Wrist pain placement (left) with adhesive tape using Hypafix, also called Fixomull or Cover-Roll.

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