Nick Kenny of the BroncosWith the week to week physical toll of playing NRL Rugby, I’ve learned that recovery and injury rehabilitation is so important. Being a physiotherapist as well I’m always open minded and willing to try whatever might give me an edge to help with my preparation.  I first trialled Q Magnets on my lower back where I experienced regular tightness and pain from a long standing bulge. I found that my range of motion and pain levels improved when wearing the magnet. Since then I have found them to be effective with many different injuries such as corks, joint pain and muscle tightness. For me, Q Magnets have become an important part of my personal recovery and preparation routine each week.


Disc related back pain can be serious. For instance, severe cases of a herniated disc (sometimes called a slipped or ruptured disc) causing pressure on the spinal nerve can lead to paraplegia. This nerve pressure is termed mechanical pain and based on patient and clinical feedback, Q Magnets will NOT help mechanical nerve pain. Professional medical advice and a proper diagnosis should be sought. Please see limitations of Q Magnets for more information.