Dr Goiz Biomagnetic Pairing and Q Magnets

For practitioners of Dr Goiz Biomagnetic Pairing, the following should be useful in explaining the differences with Q Magnets and how they are best used.

The Basics:
Q Magnets are a Quadrapolar magnet (four alternating poles NSNS) that produce an optimised field for enhanced effects. They are placed directly over the site of injury and/or the nerves that innervate that area so that the magnetic field envelopes the target tissue. So the design of the magnet and accurate placement is essential for good results.


Comparing different sized Q Magnets on knee pain with target tissue.


Of course, Biomagnetic Pairing places bipolar magnet pairs over defined points on the body.


Neuromagnetics is based on the premise that static magnets can be optimised for therapeutic effects. There are ample cell studies, animal studies, case studies and clinical trials to support this. The vast majority of published research indicating static magnets may be a useful therapy have studied multipolar magnets. That is, magnets used where more than one pole faces the body, as opposed to bipolar magnets or what some refer to as unipolar, where only one pole (north or south) faces the body.

In a literature review by Colbert et al (2008), Magnets applied to acupuncture points as therapy. Of the 42 studies reviewed, 37 (88%) reported a therapeutic benefit. Five of the studies consistently reported positive outcomes where the magnets were explicitly placed on tender or trigger points. As opposed to mixed outcomes, where the magnets were simply applied to ‘where it hurts’. This supports the theory that accurate placement of the magnet is very important if there is to be a benefit.

Naturally gifted practitioners will experiment with their own clinical reasoning and many acupuncturists use Q Magnets over acupuncture points.


For The Biomagnetic Pairing Practitioner:
If your anatomy is quite good, the placement of the devices is straightforward. You can click on the different body parts from the Bodymap…

Q Magnets are more of a self-management therapy that augments clinical practice, patients often wear them long term and at times 24/7 if needed. They should be placed over the target tissue (e.g. L4/5 interspinous space, knee joint, rotator cuff, lateral epicondyle etc) so that the magnetic field envelopes the injured area or the origin of pain.

Patients can rent them from you short term (ask for sample rental forms) and those who have success with difficult to treat pain will want to buy their own. They may need to continue to use them for months or in some cases years, depending on the condition.


What other Biomagnetic Pairing practitioners are saying…

To find out more about Biomagnetic Pairing see some of the following links…

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We have a large range of Quadrapolar, Hexapolar, Octapolar and even Bipolar magnets to choose from.  http://www.qmagnets.com/products.php


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Please contact us for practitioner pricing and a special offer of an additional sample pack for Biomagnetic pair practitioners.




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