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Wound healing from static magnetic fields

The evidence grows, but more case studies and clinical trials are required. Much of the research around wound healing has focused on diabetic peripheral neuropathy, post-surgical and ulcer healing (see Reference List at bottom of article).

For Best Results: Anecdotal evidence and published research shows that best results are achieved when the magnet is placed directly over the wound, immediately or as soon as possbile after an incident. Obviously seek and follow standard medical care. If you want to use a static magnet, use it in addition to standard care and do not place it directly on an open wound.


Use of magnets post-surgery


We get many enquiries from people wanting to know how magnets might help after surgery and particularly for nerve regeneration.


The most relevant study looking at the use of static magnets post-surgery is by Man et al. This showed reduced postoperative pain, less need for pain medication and faster recovery. See summary of study here and references below.


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