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The most exciting development in my 40 years of following pain therapies

“The most exciting development in my 40 years of following pain therapies is the use of Neuromagnetics [Q Magnets] to manage pain.

People’s satisfaction has gone through the roof with the results of using this ground breaking technology to shut down “C” fiber activity.

At times it’s like a miracle. Changing people’s lives – one pain at a time”.

Using Q Magnets to Help Recover from Minor Hamstring Strain

Hamstring strains are one of the athlete’s worst nightmares. A typical hamstring strain can sideline an athlete for 2-4 weeks and even up to 3-6 months. In addition the pain and fear avoidance of using the muscle can prevent even modest training during rehabilitation. Fast recovery is the goal!

The hamstring comprises four muscles, with the origin at the ischial tuberosity (pelvis) and insertion at the knee. There are also five tendons joining muscle and bone.

A hamstring strain can occur anywhere along these muscles and tendons and often at the muscular tendenous junction. Typical treatment might include rest, ice, electrotherapy, stretches, manual therapy and advice to prevent recurrence. For an in-depth review of hamstring strains, see this physiotherapy site.

Australian Wallabies and Brisbane Lions team member shares his experience with Q Magnets…


While there is mixed evidence supporting the use of magnetic therapy, research on devices such as Q Magnets do show promise which is encouraging. Anecdotally we have been happy with the results achieved with players.

I would highly recommend Q Magnets to any athlete seeking to push the boundaries to get the most out of their bodies and recover faster from injury.”

Ed Fitzgerald


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