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Q Magnet therapy and power balance band holographic technology.

What’s the deal with the Power Balance Band and are there any similarities with Q Magnets? As we explain on our magnetic therapy page, some products claim to influence the energy fields around the body.

There is no research to show that Q Magnets affect the body’s “energy fields” but the original research pioneered by neurologists at Vanderbilt Medical University in the 1990’s does pose a credible mechanism of action for how Quadrapolar magnets might potentially provide comfort or localized temporary relief of minor aches and pains. This effect is typically produced by applying the field gradients generated by Quadrapolar magnets directly over the painful area or the nerves that innervate that area.

Distributors of the Power Balance Band have given away and paid a number of high profile athletes to use their product. The key difference is that elite athletes from around the world have used Q Magnets long term and had them prescribed by the people overseeing player’s rehabilitation. Teams including the Queensland Reds, Brisbane Lions, Western Force, Fremantle Dockers.


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