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Professional athlete shares 7 year journey with Q magnets

Over the years we have received many endorsements from famous athletes and health professionals around the world. This well considered feedback from Nick Kenny would have to be one of the most significant for three reasons. Nick…

  1. Is a professional when it comes to musculoskeletal health AND was a professional Rugby League player for 9 years.
  2. Played the toughest of sports and supplemented his rehab with Q magnets.
  3. As a health professional has observed the benefits of Q magnets on other players around him and not just himself.


The most exciting development in my 40 years of following pain therapies

“The most exciting development in my 40 years of following pain therapies is the use of Neuromagnetics [Q magnets] to manage pain.

People’s satisfaction has gone through the roof with the results of using this ground breaking technology to shut down “C” fiber activity.

At times it’s like a miracle. Changing people’s lives – one pain at a time”.

John’s experience with Q magnets and pain.

I have been using the Quadrapolar technology for several years as a means to reduce pain associated with osteoarthritis in multiple joints. I was somewhat skeptical to start with but the fact of the matter is that my pain reduces when I have these on and I can return to doing the majority of the activities I enjoy.

The 2nd key aspect for those in the medical community is that the research and evidence behind this technology is rapidly accumulating and can’t be overlooked. If you are involved with anyone who has a painful condition then I thoroughly recommend that you start using the quadrapolar technology at Q-Magnets. You won’t be disappointed either as a practitioner or someone has ongoing pain.

John Davie
Professional Performance Specialists Pty Ltd

Professional sports team – Australian Football League – Brisbane Lions

As part of the demands of professional sport, injury management is of paramount importance. Any device to improve pain and aid the recovery process is something of extreme value to the playing group. Brisbane Lions utilise Q magnets for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains.
Nathan Carlos – Brisbane Lions

Professional sports team – Australian Football League – Freemantle Dockers

“After a short term trial with Q magnets with our footballers, we felt there was definitely merit in extending this trial to further assess their influence in aiding injury management. Early results have been promising with positive effects in management of minor aches and pains.”

Jeffrey Boyle, Fremantle Dockers .


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