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Lorraine from Perth with a remarkable story of hope…

The story of a busy Grandmother suffering from pain and fibromyalgia and how she manages her condition drug free and how you can too…

My name is Lorraine, I’m a 55 yr old, Wife, Mother & Grandmother.
One of my sons & 2 of my Grandchildren currently live with us making me the primary carer for a 5yr & 15 yr old while my son is away at work. So life is busy & demanding.

I also live with Fibromyalgia that came about after a physical trauma to my upper back while having treatment for my neck by a trainee in the medical profession. I was given no help from the medical profession to correct what I believe was wrong (in my words):

Device Selection – Which magnet to use? Quadrapolar, Hexapolar, Octapolar or Concentric


Q Magnets offer four different types of multipolar magnets to choose from…

  1. Quadrapolar powerful neodymium magnet with flux plate – 4 alternating poles
  2. Hexapolar powerful neodymium magnet with flux plate – 6 alternating poles
  3. Octapolar powerful neodymium magnet with flux plate – 8 alternating poles
  4. Concentric weak flexible rubber magnet – circular alternating poles


Quadrapolar  |  Hexapolar  |  Octapolar  | Concentric


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