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Neuromagnetics for low back and neck pain – a personal experience from Perth…

Dear James,

I have been using your Q Magnet for low back pain and neck pain.
Back pain as damage caused by my walking problems, neck pain because I have had surgery on the neck. Both areas are giving me pain quite often and I want to keep at minimum the use of medication.

The magnets I bought from you have helped me A LOT in doing so! On the NECK the pain decreases almost totally in about half an hour, on the BACK takes a bit longer but the pain is reduced and bearable, result: less medicines!

I have tried them also for my husband, who has sciatica pain due to two slipped discs: the pain was reduced significantly and he did not use nurofen that time.

Why are some of Australia’s top sporting champions using magnetic therapy?

The short answer is; there is now a type of static magnetic medical device that actually works.

It makes sense why magnetic therapy has little or no credibility in the court of public opinion or among health professionals when you understand the history. The lesson of the MRI, is that when magnetic fields are properly researched and optimised, the therapeutic effects can be life changing.

In the case of champion athletes, recovering from injury and maintaining peek physical condition is just as important as their skills, be it running, kicking, throwing, bowling or batting.

27 years of low back pain “turned off” in minutes with Q Magnet therapy.

In 1985 I suffered a lower back injury while lifting and twisting which caused disc bulges at L3/4 and L5/S1. Over the next 10 years I saw no less than 12 specialists and have spent  thousands of dollars on treatment with physiotherapy, chiropractic and acupuncture. There was also microwave therapy and I even had an epidural while in hospital one time that made no difference what so ever.

QF28-6 Q Magnet

I have spent over 26 years on an average of 6/10 in pain and have taken pain medication daily for all this time. Last month I went along to a seminar as part of National Pain Week and learned about Q Magnets. Although I was sceptical, I decided to give them a trial as there was nothing to lose.


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