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Why we don’t sell magnets pre-sewn into braces and wraps

We’ve already covered why we don’t sell magnetic jewellery here.

Here, we explain why we are reluctant to manufacture braces and wraps with magnets pre-sewn into them.

The brief summary is – we want you to get the best possible results using Q Magnets for pain relief.

Attaching Q Magnets using braces, supports and wraps

Q Magnets are often attached with sports tape, but some people with sensitive or hairy skin or just for convenience sake, may prefer a type of brace.


Magnet placement for carpal tunnel syndrome

Magnet attached with sports tape for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Why the orientation arrow?


Each Q Magnet has a black orientation arrow (or triangle) just above the model number. It’s important when applying your Q Magnets that the arrow is always facing along the body or limb, pointing towards the head.


Q Magnet showing orientation arrow.

Why training and specificity is critical in getting results with neuromagnetics


Q Magnets are a magnetic field gradient generating medical device and provides the user with an optimized design based on extensive research and feedback. Even so, the magnetic field of a static magnet dissipates very quickly and the effect is highly localized.  If you do not select the right Q Magnet model for the right target tissue, then there is very little chance of a therapeutic effect.

So selecting a magnetic device with an optimised design, with the right field characteristics and placing them correctly so that the penetrating field envelopes the offending target tissue are variables requiring the correct answers otherwise there will be very little effect.

If a physiological target for instance is beyond the reach of a device, it is unreasonable to expect a therapeutic effect.


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