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Back pain – a major problem

back painBack pain is incredibly common. In Australia alone around 3 million people have back problems and back pain of one description or another.

Given the total population of Australia (around 25 million) that’s over 10% of everyone in the country!

This is mirrored in many other countries – in the US for example 13% of adults surveyed in 2017 said they had back pain every day.

Low back pain relief and hubby’s shoulder bonus

“I have lower back pain and have tried many therapies for relief. Within an hour of wearing a QF28-3 magnet I had 50% relief, my first good night’s sleep in over two years, and the following day I was up to 80% relief. My husband suffers from shoulder pain due to an old injury and within two hours of wearing two QF28-3 magnets said the ache had almost vanished. I would definitely recommend anyone try them, they really work wonders”.

T Combe, South Australia.


How to Use Q Magnetic Therapy to Treat Low Back Pain…

Very few people go through life without having to deal with low back pain and many will endure debilitating low back pain for years. If you are one of these sufferers, please keep an open mind as you learn how  Q magnets may provide a simple, inexpensive and effective treatment option as it has for thousands of people.

4 device array for lower back pain

4 device array for lower back pain


No more popping pills for lower back pain

I am still using my magnets & they are a blessing in disguise, they work wonders cause I don’t need to pop pills.

A few years ago I had this really really bad backache at the bottom of my spine. It hurt when I sat down, it hurt when I got up, it hurt when I turned in bed. I had to go to the doctor & of course I ended up taking tablets. This pain returned the other day  and the magnets eventually took the pain away, no doctor visists, no pills….within 24 – 36hrs the pain had lessened. I’m still wearing the magnets now just to be sure.

Beverley Keni

27 years of low back pain “turned off” in minutes with Q magnet therapy.

In 1985 I suffered a lower back injury while lifting and twisting which caused disc bulges at L3/4 and L5/S1. Over the next 10 years I saw no less than 12 specialists and have spent  thousands of dollars on treatment with physiotherapy, chiropractic and acupuncture. There was also microwave therapy and I even had an epidural while in hospital one time that made no difference what so ever.

QF28-6 Q magnet

I have spent over 26 years on an average of 6/10 in pain and have taken pain medication daily for all this time. Last month I went along to a seminar as part of National Pain Week and learned about Q magnets. Although I was sceptical, I decided to give them a trial as there was nothing to lose.


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