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Shin soreness threatens competing in marathon – no worries with Q magnets.

I have a passion for running and love marathons. On 12th August, 2009 I suffered a stress fracture of the distal 1/3 of my right tibia following an aggressive speed workout. I had no intention to defer my plans to run in the up and coming Boston and qualifying Marathons and persisted training until the pain become unbearable and I could barely walk, let alone run.

In surgery the following week I asked a colleague for suggestions to encourage quicker healing. He put me onto the magnet literature and, after googling magnet therapy supplies, I found Q magnets. I immediately ordered a set and had them expressed couriered to my home.

My Q magnet order arrived on the 25th August and I immediately applied them. Within 5-10 minutes I had almost 80% reduction in pain and was able to walk around the house virtually pain-free! Wow!


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