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How long do I need to wear Q Magnets before they begin to work?

Response times will vary depending on the condition being treated. The main theories for how Q Magnets work are…

  1. Dampening down over active nerves (C-fibres), which may take effect in minutes to assist with the temporary relief of minor aches and pains.
  2. Promoting healing, which may allow you to get back to your favourite physical activities sooner.


More good news for athletes suffering from minor shin pain – Q Magnets helps you get back into action sooner

I had been suffering recurring shin pain, one that was bilaterally located on the anterior medial distal portion, where the gastroc/soleus meets the tibial bone. I was at the point where I would try anything to get rid of them and my physical therapist mentioned that magnets may be worth a shot.

I found Q Magnets in my searchers and due to the straightforward information on the website, some of the other testimonies with shin soreness and the speedy response to my questions, I decided to purchase the set for lower back pain, as they contained the combination of devices I was after.

I followed the instructions that I was given and am happy to report that I’m very pleased with Q Magnet results! I found the larger magnets to be effective pain relief for the larger calf muscles and the Q6-1.5‘s to be excellent for the pain along the tibial ledge.


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