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Why we don’t sell magnets pre-sewn into braces and wraps

We’ve already covered why we don’t sell magnetic jewellery here.

Here, we explain why we are reluctant to manufacture braces and wraps with magnets pre-sewn into them.

The brief summary is – we want you to get the best possible results using Q Magnets for pain relief.

Q Magnets: A possible Magneto-Neuromodulation Therapy?

Neuromodulation therapies apply a therapeutic stimulus directly to the nervous system.

Ideally, neuromodulation techniques should be noninvasive, biocompatible, and spatially and temporally controllable.

Examples of magneto-neuromodulation are Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and possibly  Neuromagnetics.

Using magnets for pain to reduce the growing burden of pain.

Recently The Lancet published the most comprehensive review of disabilities caused by disease. As the population ages, the years lived with a disability is increasing, which is simply stating the obvious for anyone over 40.

In the top 10 of the diseases that cause disability (as opposed to death), measured in years lived with a disability were…

1.  Low Back Pain
4.  Neck Pain
5.  Other Musculoskeletal Disorders and
8.  Migraines


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