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Drug Free Pain Relief – From former Magna Bloc user.

I discovered Q Magnets quite a few years ago after using and losing my Magna Block magnets from Amway. I searched the internet and found Q Magnets and have used them ever since.

Originally I wasn’t sure they would be as good as my Magna Blocks but after starting with an earlier model, the new Q Magnets encased in plastic are brilliant, they are slimmer, more comfortable to wear and easier to get apart if they stick together.

Previously I have used them on my elbow for joint pain, currently I am using them on my right thumb where I have arthritis.

John’s experience with Q Magnets and pain.

I have been using the Quadrapolar technology for several years as a means to reduce pain associated with osteoarthritis in multiple joints. I was somewhat skeptical to start with but the fact of the matter is that my pain reduces when I have these on and I can return to doing the majority of the activities I enjoy.

The 2nd key aspect for those in the medical community is that the research and evidence behind this technology is rapidly accumulating and can’t be overlooked. If you are involved with anyone who has a painful condition then I thoroughly recommend that you start using the quadrapolar technology at Q-Magnets. You won’t be disappointed either as a practitioner or someone has ongoing pain.

John Davie
Professional Performance Specialists Pty Ltd


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