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Cupping with Q Magnet Application Case Study

Cupping is applied by suction within a “cup” on the surface of the skin. An after effect is the stagnation of blood, which can persist for a few weeks after treatment. The application of Q Magnets over haematomas has been shown to leave a white circle underneath where the magnet is applied only in a matter of days. Numerous examples have been documented such as these four…

Recovery for minor sprains and strains so you can get back to your favourite sport sooner…


Q Magnets enhancing the Yang power in Hong Kong.

After using Magna Bloc from many years ago, I was lucky enough to find the Q Magnets website.

I have put the Q Magnets over trigger points of the body e.g. the gate of vitality (Ming-men) to enhance the Yang power.

They are very easy to handle with the many different sizes.

Knee Pain – Acupuncture, Low Level Laser and Q Magnets pain relief


Acupuncture is a popular complementary therapy for knee pain, however a recent study did not recommend acupuncture for chronic knee pain in patients over 50 years. In this article we review the research and show how acupuncture can be combined synergistically with Q Magnet therapy as a supplementary treatment for even better pain relief (see references below).


We have had feedback from many people claiming Q Magnets complement acupuncture for the relief of pain from knee osteoarthritis.

Using Q Magnets over P6 Acupuncture Point…

The P6 acupuncture point is often stimulated to assist with better sleep and provide relief from nausea.

Acupuncture points have been shown to respond to multiple stimuli such as needling, mechanical pressure, thermal stimuli (moxa), laser and also electrical and magnetic stimuli. Since the Q Magnet needs to cover the acupuncture point to be most effective, the more accurate your placement the smaller the Q Magnet device you can employ. But sometimes it’s better to purchase a larger device anyway so it can be used effectively on other areas of the body, particularly the larger joints such as the knee and shoulder and for lower back pain.

To find the acupuncture point P6, measure three fingers widths down from the crease in the wrist and it’s located in the grove between the two large tendons which are easily felt.

The Power of Love

In November, 2012 we exhibited Q Magnets at the Pan Pacific Medical Acupuncture Forum. I had the privilege to meet Dr Steven Aung, a medical acupuncturist from Canada.


Dr. Aung is in no way affiliated with Q Magnets and this is not an endorsement of Q Magnets by Dr. Aung.


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