American Football NFL Players Recover Faster With Q Magnets

The 2017 American football season is almost here…..finally. Camp starts for some of the finest gladiators in the NFL.  In training camp, there is lots of hitting and explosive work.  This inevitably results in a wide variety of injuries.

Q Magnets on the Baltimore Ravens helmet.  Device model – HF28-3. 

As a healthcare practitioner, you watch the guys you work with depart for their respective teams.  At that point they are out of your hands and if anything happens, there is nothing you can do personally.  That’s why I make sure the players have their own Q Magnets when they leave.

Q Magnets can help sooooo much with a wide variety of problems that an athlete may encounter.  In my opinion, they are essential for any athlete to maintain his or her performance.

So, I like to give a shout out to the Baltimore Ravens, Tim Patrick, Nico Siragusa, Danny Woodhead, and Tony Jefferson.  And also, a big shout out to Q Magnets!

By Walker Scott; sports therapist to some of the Baltimore Ravens players.


Other athletes who’ve found Q Magnets part of their rugby playing essentials…


NFL is almost here for 2017…



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