Why are some of Australia’s top sporting champions using magnetic therapy?

The short answer is; there is now a type of static magnetic medical device that actually works.

It makes sense why magnetic therapy has little or no credibility in the court of public opinion or among health professionals when you understand the history. The lesson of the MRI, is that when magnetic fields are properly researched and optimised, the therapeutic effects can be life changing.

In the case of champion athletes, recovering from injury and maintaining peek physical condition is just as important as their skills, be it running, kicking, throwing, bowling or batting.


Australian Twenty20 cricket captain Shane Watson

Shane Watson with James & Dianne Hermans

Shane Watson with James & Dianne Hermans

Shane was seeking answers for a persistent low back injury. He sought out a highly regarded therapist who thought outside the square and using his clinical reasoning skills provided the best treatment options which included Q Magnet therapy. For Shane, they have “worked an absolute treat”.






AFL champion Simon Back

Veteran footballer, Simon Black of the Brisbane Lions is one of the most decorated players to ever play AFL. Playing for as many years as Simon has, you get to know your body and how it responds to injury. This is what Simon had to say about Q Magnets





Unlike fads such as the Power Band, Q Magnets have been used and recommended by some of Australia’s best minds who advise on rehabilitation techniques and injury recovery.

Common bipolar magnets simply do not produce the type of field characteristics that have a scientifically valid mechanism for their therapeutic effect. With the release of Q Magnets, it is now possible to spread a therapeutic field over a large enough area and/or penetrate to the required depth. This is achieved by selecting from over 13 different models for the application.


Rugby Australian Wallabies gun David Pocock
Sensational Western Force and Wallabies openside flanker David Pocock is a great fan of Q Magnets. David took to twitter to order some more…

David Pocock on Twitter

David with Q Magnet


Even our friends from the United States are getting on board. Carlin Isles is a speed sensation and Olympian for the USA Rugby team in Rio. You can see in the video below how his sports trainer has applied the Q Magnets to his forearm, by gluing them into the brace he is wearing. This is a convenient way to wear your Q Magnets without the need for adhesive tape, learn how to in this brief video clip. Here is what Carlin had to say; “Q Magnets, are a great tool man”


All three of these Australian champions came to use Q Magnets based on the recommendation and advise from people they respect. The results are obvious to see.

Q Magnets came about through…

To get back to your sport sooner after injury or for a drug free, non-invasive alternative to potentially provide comfort or localized temporary relief from minor aches and pains order your set today.







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